LFT very active player looking to move up


LFT – lvl 43 – petetro23 – gold IV

I am a very active player who tries to to participate in all wars and active events. The team I’m on now has lost its mojo not enough active player ect.ect. I’ve only been playing for two months and I’m to the point that if I’m not on a active team I’m wasting my time.


Language: english
Time Zone: eastern standard
Played time: morning and evening
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: yes


Apply to FrigginXytra! Plat 3 team moving up :slight_smile:


Hey Petetro I am in Gold 3, we are Very active current stats are 47/50 with 100/100 activity! We are looking for very active players as well. I have 3 spots open. U are more than welcome To come check us out at WolvesOfOdin. My IGN is OdinDragonWolf. Hope to see you soon!


Check out NightCreatures in Gold 1.


Soulshaven might be a good fit as well


Apply at DrakoElite, we’re in Sapphire three and have Atlas along with a castle and few more castles soon to be conquered


Check out FireteamAlpha. We’re super fun, 18+ and our alliances will lead to even more future growth. We’re currently in Plat IV.


Come and check out legionofgodz


Hi Petetro23 - We are currently in P4, and are looking to replace several of our members. We’d love to have you and help you grow. Ontario2016 are incredibly friendly and helpful and we have a strong leadership team (if I do say so myself!). Feel free to reach out to me in game (LadyAethaen) or just apply to Ontario2016.

We are from around the world so the chat stays fairly active. We will be receiving atlas this afternoon, and several of our members have prior experience with it.


Come join us.
We r restructuring team to move to Platinum again.


Hi Petetro23

We’re a Plat IV competitive team with Atlas. If you’re a very active player we welcome you to join our team. War & Events are mandatory. Come grow with us as we are looking for players like you!



Hi… please apply to xREDEMPTIONx. We need 2 people who are fanatics soon.


Hi there. My team Crickets, Gold II, is looking for a few active players to join our family and move up the leagues with us. We work very hard at helping each other with events, quests, egg missions, wars, and strengthening our bases and dragons. We can help you grow much faster while giving you a new team to call home. We are hoping to move up to Platinum in time for the next Atlas rollout. Interested? Apply to Crickets :cricket:.



JawsOfDragons, Gold 1, active, friendly, helpful, 5 castles in Atlas. PM me if interested.


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