LFT with Atlas any league


Do I fit in anywhere?

Events: 7/8 I’ll get 8/8 sometimes but main game events bore me

Atlas: I’m looking for a team focused on its 5TA that has no parent alliance telling it what to do. That has enough killers so that it doesn’t have to worry about team glory. That does not have a no hit list or maybe just doesn’t hit direct neighbors. That prefers attacking in Atlas over arranging swaps. That may take a castle just to plunder the gold. That retains all active atlas killers regardless of main game performance.

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Are you, perhaps, bad news for those you hit?

Good luck with your hunt buddy. Atlas isnt the only thing that matters in the game. Most teams want a player that is active in both main game related things as well as atlas. Youre better off finding a team in Gold 1 that doesnt care about their player status. And no, I dont mean to be rude just saying a plat 4+ team might not want player thats not active in main game

You might want to be more specific with your stats apart from that you will offer 7/8.

E.g. Level, tier, monthly kills outside of swaps, current troop count, castle defense participation, etc.

From what wdscripts says theyre level 102. But theyre not on a team so troop count and anything atlas related isnt seen. But youre right that kind of information would be nice to know for any atlas active team.

Can we be sure if that account is his/her main and/or if that account is the one he/she wants to join a new team with? :confused:

Nope but I was just assuming that the one that made post would be the one that wanted to join a team :woman_shrugging:

Or else, assuming again, the title would then say “alt/main LFT with atlas any league”

You are correct. That is why I wanted to be clear in what I am looking for. I wouldn’t want a team expecting 8/8 every event to take me as I don’t want to let them down when I don’t hit it.

You are correct as well. I just reloaded this game after 8-10 months. For some reason, when I tried to post on my main account the text box comes up in a place that makes it difficult to actually make a post. So I posted on a different device on this alt.

In the end, I think it will work out. I’m just looking to Atlas and not have a lot of rules or Allies. I hit stuff and defend castles. Hopefully, this game doesn’t turn into a job again.Perhaps the team willing to talk to me without knowing my stats (not that I would have many stats as I have been absent from game) is the perfect fit.

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