Lft with atlas to hang out on while I convalescing

I was recently injured in an accident and can’t do much, I need an atlas team to hang out on so I won’t loose my 600k troops when I get kicked for being inactive. And I don’t want my team to hold onto me while I can’t do anything for them.I can’t do much right now as I almost lost one arm and have a crap ton of healing to do. Any laid back atlas team willing to help out?

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Your troop won’t disappear when you quit an atlas team
It will still be there the next time you join a different team


Yes Killmegently is right, your troops will not dissappear. Check this team BrightSparkz, I was about to join this team.

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wish i could send over a dozen of thousands of healing pots so that you can be healed off right away. :disappointed:


Try Lazydrag0ns
Its a very nice team in p4 :hugs:

Just make sure you move your prims to a safe zone before you leave the team, so they don’t have to kill those prims with loaded troops off.

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You are welcome to join us at gr8atuin… we are relaxed about atlas


Try takersgates