LFT with US West coast players

Me, my Lady friend and another player are looking for a team with level 60+ west coast players … I’m on the east coast, she’s on the west … most of our current team on east coast. She gets frustrated that most times there is no one on when she gets the chance to play.

We are experienced gamers (we were near top players in Mobile Strike in 2016)
Need room for 3 players
Me : LoonyRider … lvl 62
My Alt : Heather112014 lvl 48
My Lady : LadyDrake1 lvl 59

All 3 are Elite accounts … very active in events … active daily

Let me know ASAP … LadyDrake wants to quit, but she really likes the game :smile:

Look up almightybeasts if we interest you

plenty of west coast players I hope, that’s the only requirement we have, LOL

AND room for 3 … currently you only have 2 slots left

Lol we’re global but yes I’m west coast & 7 or so are then we have middle of us east coast Canada Europe Asia Man U name it we got it

Bring you & her after wars I’ll make a spot for your alt

okay … give me about 24 hours to make arrangements ? But sounds great … thanks !!!

Message me if you have questions thanks for your time

Fourhorsmen has a few inactive we could replace, most of the team is still new so it’s a good time to come into the team. I’m in Arizona and we have a few on the team from the southwestern US. Email Kativina in game.

We are westies with some easties and a handful of asia pac. Evenings are pretty busy socially and with support runs.

We are very social, lots of goofy and sarcasm. The core has been strangedragons for over a year and we use line for social and game in fo.

Im cleaning house this weekend and will take active and supportive in wars over high level with tude any day. Smartass and sarcasm are our primary languages. We are female friendly. The guys know acceptable limits and so its never as vile as some other teams we have encountered.

StrangeDragons is the team, pudgykat is my name. Lets chat

If you’re still looking for a team, check us out in ArkhamLegends. :kissing_heart:

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Thank you for your responses … turns out we will be staying where we are for the time being :slight_smile:

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