LG v30 please help

So a friend got an lg v30 and the screen is a bit longer than usual, he’s having trouble pushing things in his game. He can’t calibrate it either, the buttons are there they are just showing as way off, like he will click on Atlas tab, but the button is not working properly. But if he clicks about a half inch to the left it goes into atlas, but there is no button there. He has a feature on his phone called app scaling, however war dragons won’t app scale any suggestions or help would be appreciated. How do we fix this?

Report that to the support team as a bug, they can work on optimization for the phone like they did for the iPhone X

That’s the thing he can’t even click his support button

support.wardragons.com to put in a ticket, but has he tried changing the screen resolution? Something like Settings > Display > Screen Resolution

Its fixed it was the resolution setting, something to do with app scaling

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