Lightning Glyph? Seriously?

Title says it all.

Please give us a darkflak or earthflak glyph for next fortification??


Believe me I agree they give us plenty of useless and outdated glyphs in prizes but lightning glyph isn’t one of them

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Ouch, getting my first ever mythic glyph from fort, and it’s complete trash :joy:

Oh well, 400k rune dust I guess.


I’m in the same boat :sob:

I was gonna push for the mythic, but not now :face_vomiting:

Could have been a trebuchet or ballista rune.

If I’m not mistaken we did get something like that once (although I think it was changed)

But yeah, for how many points you need it seems like it should be some kind of flak mythic


8.5M, guess I’m settling for the legendary to upgrade my epic currently equipped.

I mean, fair point. Lightning glyph at least COULD be useful somewhere down the line. It could be worse.

But still, pretty bad.

Might as well have been, it’s effectively the same. I’ll never ever use it, and it gives the same dust.

It’s the easiest event of the season to get the mythic glyph and you want a really good one? It’s still a decent one not world beating but it’s not awful. It’s the fort after atlas timers come out and fort is already one of the easiest events to get points in why should they reward loads of people with a top glyph?

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If you think lightning is trash then you must not have found any good bases with max lightnings on them.

I started playing WD just over a year ago. I have no lightning towers and never will. The glyph is useless to anyone who did not start leveling them when they first came out. I bet there are thousands of half completed lighting towers in storage. Maybe 10s of thousands?


Uh… you mean the ONLY event where you can get a mythic glyph?


x3 Lightning Towers can do a Huge amount of dmg…Huge ( plus rune and research)
pity that the “Lightning Resit” consumable exists.
it’s a gamble to build 3 Lightning but if the attacker doesn’t have the appropriate resistance … well

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High enough power the resistances barely help, think how much the archers and cannons hurt Amarok in the center temple.

70% damage reduction is not shabby…

That is because they are super powered archers and cannons. Like 4x attack speed. Not “up to 10% extra attack speed” that you can get from a bunch of runes. Not even comparable…

Are we capped at 10%? I need to see my speed buffs, know my SS buffs is quite high. And these are with a lot of rares and epic runes.



OK let’s assume you have a whole set of legendary and mythic runes that give 120% supershot damage boost. I had that setup for lightning island a long time ago.

That is still 3x worse than the shrines, and is for a single shot only, let along a flurry of shots all coming at you.


Time to get that glyph and go old school. Maybe PG will let you build boss lighting towers too like they can?