Lightning striker glyph a legacy item?

I see more and more begging for a lightning striker glyph. They were around a long time ago, but glyphs in general have become rarities, lightning went extinct.

My question is the glyph now a legacy item? Old dragons supposed to be a separator between old and new players but what about the base side of things? Newer players create what old have to change making olds actually at a disadvantage.

My proposal is if lightning strikers will make a reappearance that they are changed in some form so older players that have the originals keep some sort of positive difference from being around a long time. If you just rerelease the same glyph that everyone can now get the older players only have a negative difference since they having to adapt bases to new releases while new can build better the first time.

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well yes to the glyph , the post sounds complicated mechanic and not specific

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Different name or different second stat would be most common changes to keep old glyph still legacy. Say a secondary of lightning HP by chance?

I’m sorry but I am failing to see the point of the following:

" Newer players create what old have to change making olds actually at a disadvantage "

doesn’t it Equalize the playing field? while these “olds” you talk of are at a MAJOR advantage now?

People like it to be treated Equal. Events have shown this…

Therefor, I rather suggest to have a chance at obtaining it through Silver chests.
OR as an Event Prize in Fortification.
OR as an addition to the Base Boost Branch at the cost of 1500 (or More) Sigils. placed at the VERY end of the branch.
OR be put in a value pack of 20$ like often done with Dark Flak runes and Glyphs.

@PGGalileo @PGisawbones what are your ideas on this?

In my opinion, the voice across the board is raised more and more for an imminent return of the Mythic Lightning Strikers Rune aswell as the Mythic Lightning Striker Glyph. In whichever way it could be implemented.

Basically the OP must have a glyph that 99% of players don’t, and doesn’t want others to have it, too, now that he sees people wanting it.

It doesn’t put older players with the glyph at a disadvantage, they’ve been able to use it for years.


I agree make the new ones 1% stronger

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It does if everyone is able to get the glyph in the future. Right now a few have an advantage from playing a long time as any game should have and this game does with dragons. Currently bases have it too with the glyph, but as soon as glyph returns in its current state that advantage is stripped.

Rerelease the glyph so everyone can get a boost to their lightnings without taking the only advantage older players have in their base design.


I have the legendary lightning striker, i would be cool there was a mythic one

There is. I got it ages ago though. I think it might have been part of Abraxxus’ line? Dragon was absolutely horrid IMO, though the design of the actual dragon model was badass. The glyph was the only good thing from his line.



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i have abraxxas, so I may have gotten the ligntening striker glyph from that line

I disagree. A base glyph / rune is not meant to be only obtainable once. It was never intended to be like that so why should new players not be able to get it? I personally have the mythic lightning striker on my main account and it makes a big difference.

Never said don’t give to new and also explained how it became a legacy item. Technically I asked if it was or should be a legacy item.

I would like it released, but keeping current advantage older players have. Reason is I can’t think of another thing where older have any advantage on the base side of things.

Sorry if i misunderstood your post and keep on miunderstanding it.

Well how do you want to release it to everyone but keep an advantage to the older players? I could imagine a compromise where it could be available as an event prize, but that doesnt make old players keep an advantage.

Portraits, “time” on tower upgrades, regular elite buyable via rubies comes to mind.

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1: Name change like recent wisdom runes.
2: Most plausible would just be to change secondary to HP instead of Atk.

Portraits aren’t base defense, “time”… sure I guess but not really as well, rubies elite ok sure easily build two buildings at a time but again no much of a difference there either.

Thats where our viewpoints differ.

You want only oldies to have that glyph/rune (by releasing a new one which stacks with the old), this is what I initially assumed.
I would like all people to have the same chance in shooting down dragons as long they put in work for that rune/glyph, eg putting in event prizes at high points.

:thinking: Like recent wisdom runes… Basically like giving the new one bigger buff? :upside_down_face:


Higher, lower, or the same really doesn’t matter. If all can achieve and get it then base vs base doesn’t change between players. Only thing changing is all bases with lightning’s would get a buff.

So PG would have to find a % that kept base vs dragons reasonable and not make lightning bases OP

That’s kind of the point bud. That’s what runes and glyphs do…(or are supposed to)