Lightning tower downgraded from 14 to 7?

I’m very concerned here. I’ve had 4 lightning towers for some time now. Randomly one of my towers got downgraded from level 14 to 7… what???

That’s weird. You can use the in-game HELP button to open a ticket with support and see if they can help you.

Was it recently upgraded? Sometimes changes do not save to the server and you’ll find recent changes were reverted. Unfortunately there’s little to be done in these cases, as if it wasn’t saved on the server, support won’t even have a record of it. But you’ll usually have whatever resources you spent on the thing back too, so you don’t lose much, if anything.

Now two bits of advice you didn’t ask for: Lightning towers are not a great investment at low level. Honestly, adding seven more levels to one is not something I would recommend. Also, next week should be a building event where you get points and prizes for building upgrades. After getting past the lowest levels, it’s good to save most of your building for this event so you get those prizes.

To make your base strong you want to build as few structures as possible to as high a level as possible. A typical combination is one flak, one storm, one of each color mage, and one other damage-dealing tower – ideally another flak, but players often won’t have enough resources to maintain two flaks right away (starting them is no problem, keeping them at the highest level possible can be a problem) and will use something else until they have a good supply of elemental embers.

Lightning towers get their strength from numbers, so they’re handicapped in this system until you get to very high levels and need extra towers. (This is probably years down the road unless you’re spending money to grow more quickly.)

Good luck with support!

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