Lightning tower mission base? ⚡️

Anyone know of one with six level 1 lightning towers at the front of the base? I get these missions every single day :woman_facepalming:

Edit: And yes I know Spider has them at the tip of its base but it’s on my team every other week.

I use Evas, though t I at may be a bit above what you’re looking for. She has level 40+. Before I could handle that, there was a base in loose1 named quadraticwisper or something to that regard that had 5 pretty low level right out front.

Chunjang has 6 lv 1 Lightning. However, it’s on the rear part…
Most likely she is looking for a quick base to finish her mission.

Either kick spider temporarily, or store your lightning…

That’s too much work to kick Spider for a mission. :confused:

Ember 14 might not be able to handle this …

Edit: Yep, he died. I’m too slow for it :confused:

You know me well. :slight_smile: Yes, I want something quick that Ember can handle.

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andy base, you can do five

or xxEmberEGGxx but only 4 lvl 1

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Andy is too hard but Egg might work. Thanks :+1:t3:

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