Lightning tower rune

I have a lightning Tower island with only lightning Towers i have a blue Mage legendary Rune on it with a secondary ightning super shot damage of 13%. If I switch that out with an epic lightning Striker rune with 18% super shot damage and secondary of 2% lightning attack my DP actually lowers can someone explain why the higher percentage rune would lower my DP. Thanks


DP calculation is pretty simplistic, a higher rarity rune gives a higher number no matter how useless it is. A mythic ballista rune would give you a higher dp number but a weaker base.


I just noticed it dropped my Dp and it caught my attention I’ve been killed by enough low DP bases to know it’s a useless number. Lol
The rarity of the rune is something I was not aware of . good to know. Thank you so much

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Same goes for dragon runes and AP btw :wink:

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