Lightning Towers Supershot Damage, Calculation?

I have a few questions about the lightning towers supershot.
I’m talking about 3 as a group.


#1 The animation when flying or when looking at bases looks as if they are always connected, getting off 1 shot, not 3 separate.
When defending do I have to activate a supershot or do they always get a big supershot off automatically when they are grouped?

#2 Do I have to activate only one of the group of 3 or all 3 for most damage of the supershot?

#3 If not all 3, as asked in number 2, does it matter which lightning tower I activate? Example being I have 2 Lightning level 50 and 1 level 20.

#4 Will it be a difference in damage of the supershot between when activating the level 20 or a level 50?

#5 If supershot depends on the group and not as asked in number4 on only the activated tower, how is damage of the supershot calculated? System adds all levels of a group and divides by 3? For my example the 2x50 + 1x20 = level 40 lightning supershot damage? Or how?


Regular attack and supershot are quite similar, the Supershot is just more denser/larger. U have to load Supershot as any other tower.
Any Lightning have its supershot damage, dependent on the level of the tower itself, gears, researchs, adjacent lightnings(max +60%, aka Group of 3)and runes ( the last 2 doesn’t show into Tower’s Info Box).

You must place a SS on the tower that you want to fire. The ones that don’t have a SS applied will just use a regular attack.

They look connected because the nearby towers “feed into” the SS tower to allow it to do increased damage with the super shot.

Each tower needs its on SS to deal more damage, if you have 3 equal level towers, putting a SS on each would deal the most damage.

You would benefit more from the higher level tower having the SS because the damage output is scaled based on the stats of the tower to place the super shot on.

Yes, as described above.

The damage is based on:

  1. The attack stat of the tower you put to SS on which increases with higher level towers.
  2. Runes/Glyphs and boosts applied to the base.
  3. The number of other lightning towers on that same island, not the level of those towers.

Hope that was clear (and accurate information).


Very good question and answer…thank you, as it helped me as well.

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It is a bit long ago I asked. Now but I wanted to thank you very much for the explanation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Happy to help :slight_smile:

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