Lightning Vs Storm

So with the addition of the Howitzer, I reconfigured my base to have a long mid, and finished up my Earth Flak and swapped its position with my Storm. This currently is my setup

Ice Flak-----Dark Flak
-----Red Mage-----
Earth Flak—Blue Mage

Red Mage----Storm

But one of the things I noticed is that the storm often times doesn’t have the opportunity to go off. Its so far back that it can’t trigger unless the dragon is able to get close. So that go me thinking if a third Lightning would be the way to go over a storm, but I am still not one hundred percent sure if the shield the storm provides would still be needed even though it wouldn’t always be triggered in time.

And as a follow up, if a third lightning is the way to go, would it be better to have three lightnings in the front and howitzer in the back, or Two lightnings in the front and a howitzer in the middle with a lightning in the back.

Red Mage-----Lightning


Red Mage—Howitzer

This one seems better

I also prefer the first one but I would put the Howitzer in front left so that it can hit sooner and you still have a group of three lightnings close to each other


Howitzer on a small kill is pointless, thought its dead before fire one time its SS :man_shrugging:

I know this. I think my post might have been a little confusing. I am talking about a 10 tower kill. But I have the front half locked in, so I am just trying to figure out what to put on the back half. Whether or not I want to have two lightnings, howitzer, red mage and storm, or if I want three lightnings Howitzer and red mage, and also how to position them.

Would rather do 3 lightnings at the end. For extra SS damage.

RM Howitzer
Lightning Lightning

Also would put the ice flak not on front of isle 5.

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Yeah naja can take out both ice and red mage at the same time

Naja cant take out 2 towers if you change the earth position :man_shrugging:

I was referring to his original front island

Switch blue mage with Ice Flak up front and follow Obi’s advice for the back.
(Earth flak in front of red mage, for double red shield)
Also, if haven’t been changed, lightening towers need to be next to each other’s for boost. Either back 3 or front 3 (obi’s).

Good luck.