Lightspeed damage


Hey all,
Im wondering. What is the damage of lightspeed? checking the data I’ve found 0.06 and it looks pretty low.

Using Amoeba health for Lumina: 15,793,623
The damage would be only 947k

Could it be that PG used the wrong decimals?

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Tap enough to reach lightspeed, and you’ll deal more damage :thinking:


But I would damage my screen :tired_face:


The mechanic is lame

You already have to tap the screen like an idiot, randomly slamming your fingers into the screen isn’t very skillful.

Not a fan of this spell


6% is the instant explosion damage that is dealt when you cast the spell. :slight_smile:


Yep Pulse, thats the damage I’m talking. Compared to FireBall 30%, or vines 30% this number is too low. Specially for an obsidian dragon.


Yeah for a 1 rage cost spell that is supposed to boost normal attack damage/ammo efficiency - compared to having 30% instant damage, 6% could seem under balanced so we will look into it and see if it needs to be rebalanced.


Yeah, but the problem with 6%, plus the consequent ability. It Makes the spell underhealming. The ammo cost is reduced by 75%, true, this is good. But the damage is 60% smaller, which makes the necessity a tap a lot, to equate the misbalance in the Spell.
The spell should have 30% damage (still same as the weaker fireball), plus a rebalance in the ammo cost and damage. If the damage reduce was 40% perhaps. We have to remember, that in practice this dragon is supposed to be able to follow Noctua and clean the base that was set up.


All these points were brought up in this thread (maybe except for the initial damage), and pulse is already on the same page as you.


It’s not just the initial damage–the mechanics of the spell simply are not enjoyable. No one wants to tap like a maniac for what feels like a slight increase in DPS. Plus, indiscriminate tapping is the opposite what should be encouraged by a spell. It would be more interesting if it had initial AOE damage and then towers Mafic hit under Lightspeed had an effect like Icicle’s ability (with corrosive art instead of ice) on a tower, or briefly stunned towers, or pretty much anything besides reducing damage significantly for less ammo used.


Strange, Ive used the search engine and nothing had showed up.
Thanks for pointing that one up


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