LightVsDark-Bronze One


We Are An Pack/Thunder Of Dragons. We Will Raise Up in the Ranks. Currently owned by my alt.

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Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Bronze1LightVsDarkLevel1(Will be raised as we go up in league)

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Highest Lineage Dragon:N/A

About:We Are An Pack And A Inner Circle Of Protection Mess With One Of Us You’ll Regret It. We will crush those who stand in our way!!


Silver 3. Now


Looking for active members


Requirement level is 6 for now


Use “a” before a consonant and “an” before a vowel. English is a dumb language, I know…

Congrats on your progression to Silver!


Ty and I know we’re mostly likely going gold we are two ranks above silver 1


Not quite ready for gold yet but we’re going to silver 1 we could use some members


Level requirement is now 10


Gold5 league now


We’re still looking for members give us a look


Still looking for members after event activity has to be between veryactive active or at least low activity


Come give us a check out


Level requirements is now 13 or 12