LightVsDark Gold2(Rebuilding)

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About:We are an kingdom of people that come together to achieve our goals and are rebuilding we will crush those who don’t ally with us or who don’t truce with us we consider our officers Executioners And Knights. We plan to make it to the top of the ranks and stay there.

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Look looking for members lvl 50 or higher

Lvl 25 or higher

5 flames is a requirement unless going against the strongest of bases. Obviously it’s your team, not mine, but any less than 5 flames on an easy run is like “might as well have not even gone at all.” Ask for help if you need it.

If you are going to miss a war/event, let an officer know…but this should only be for very valid reasons, not because you “don’t feel like it.”

They aren’t “traitors,” they just don’t belong on a team that has any kind of goals.

Ps, I think I’ve invited you to my team before :joy:

Good luck on your rebuild btw, it’s hard!

Ty and maybe you have idk best of lucks

If anyone is interested in joining tell me what your ign is and I’ll send invite

Five spots open lvl 45 needed

Casual team? no 5 flames :fire: required :thinking:

Oh honey… it’s been a while since gold 2 hasn’t it😂

Hold on I’ve updated the description


7 spots left

10 spots left lvl 30 or higher

Email me if you’re looking for a team we now have 11 spots open

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