"Like" and "Dislike" for Daily Offers

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So…I don’t know what’s wrong with the whole algorithm thing, but I can’t get a decent daily offer to save my life. I am in a very awkward position because I actually WANT to spend money right now…but none of the current packs available to me offer me the resources that I am after…

Can we please add a mechanism where I can “Like” or “Dislike” daily offers? That way maybe the computer can learn to stop offering me ice shards, hammers, and whatever useless garbage keeps popping up.

I even sent in a ticket this morning (that I’m sure made the PG folks laugh) asking them to help me spend my money.



I definitely agree. When they said they’d tailor it to the person I expected to eventually get a pack with pearls in it considering I have a very underleveled perch and it’s pretty much the only thing I need…

Also, crafting shards pls… if you see we’ve been investing in a specific element in atlas maybe offer some shards!

Love this!! Good idea… which means it will probably never get implemented :rofl:

I sorta feel like a like and dislike are already there. Like is when you buy it. Dislike is when you let it pass.

Perhaps the “problem” is folks who are more prone to impulse purchases hit buy on things that are not real value vs the standard packs or simply contain enough of the resource the player wants, timers, tokens, maybe even food/wood for new players and that skews the results for more knowledgeable players.

There is no real “AI” at work here, given that it simply repeats existing packages. It does not modify the package and the same ones show up sometimes for a week at a time or more.

Support our players. #FIXTHEBUGS!

Maybe even go more targeted, and have a “Things I’d like in my daily offer” page in the settings.

If PG is trying to sell to people based on what an individual player wants, let US say what we want, and make the algorithm assemble packs based on that!

Rubies? :heavy_check_mark:
Ballista resists? :x:

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