Limit number of back ups by each team member


I would imagine that’s a whole different beast than live nerfing dragons as they fly. I seriously don’t trust PG to manage to get that right.


Ok but the mechanism I referenced does allow scaling of points based on dragon level, vs. base. It would achieve I think what is desired - making overly big players have to use appropriate level dragons. Yes?


Perhaps. But it is seriously annoying digging through your roster to find an “appropriate tier dragon.” To be honest, I didn’t even bother trying to do it when they ran the event. After the first few bases I just stuck with my main roster and obliterated the low level bases.


I really enjoyed that event - the challenge of trying to beat bases with old lineage dragons that had been long retired - or even some dragons I’d never bothered to use. Yes, having to swap in or maintain some lower level dragons in your roster could be a nuisance, but it also would add an element of strategy.


If we’re looking at it of the perspective of backing 5-10 or more runs, I really wouldn’t want to take the time to study each base and carefully consider what the lowest possible tier dragon I could use to still win if 3 defenders show up. That would be a lot of time needed to simply back a few war runs. I’d be much more inclined to simply throw one of my strongest dragons at the base.


As much as I love restricted tier challenges I don’t think war is a good place to put that. Would you have to plan extensively before entering an attack? Change your roster? If not, how to decide on, locate, and equip a dragon in 10 seconds when doing so with our regular roster can be difficult sometimes? How wide is the range for maximum points? Is it based on AP? That is affected massively by gear and runes. Or dragon level + tier…?


I have no problem with how many times someone backs up another player on their team. what i do have a problem with is when a they call in a friend to help. Win or lose just do it with the people on your team


How did it work in the mini-event? It’s been a while, I’m not sure - I think maybe they preloaded all the dragons from a particular level for each tier of base? They did have some mechanism for matching dragon strength to base strength.


I find it interesting that this thread also focuses on who should or should not be platinum. What level is too high or too low for platinum. What if the league balance is just shifting and it is normal for Platinum 1-2 to have several big bases. If you can’t best them, you should not be in the same league with them.

Teams are full of individual players. Teams have their strong bases and their weak. Teams have their own strategies that work best for them.

There is a degree of skill that can be brought in to take down massive bases that can be employed. “We are a better team but they just have a bigger player”. Well why are you the better team? They recruited and kept a bigger player and have strategized around their strength, and weakness, to create the best possible strategy for them.

As for trying to encourage solo flying / absolutely not. Over the past three years in this game, the balance has slowly shifted away from skill to pure brute force. The lack of skill required to fly decently in this game is absolutely nauseating. It’s not the players’ fault, it’s PG. They are releasing dragons that are spam types that require minimal forethought. Now people are focused on “solo solo solo” instead of “skill skill skill”. Gone are most of the dragons that actually take skill, and we are left with some that take a moderate amount of thought when compared to the game before. Bases all match and there is no real different in strategy anymore - just pure overpowering the dragon. It’s horrid.

Anyway. Want to fix wars? Make dragons require skill, ALL DRAGONS require skill, to fly and make bases have some sort of strategy to them. I mean wouldn’t it be neat if all dragons/towers had a strength and weakness. We know strengths with resists, but what if you knew Oni took 70% more damage from Archers.



Agreed 100%. When 600’s are becoming the usual in D1 I don’t see why it’s so ungodly to see some 300’s in plat. Lol.


Maybe read the original post again? It’s about how a normal platinum team with normal 300s can easily be wiped out by a single 600 and 49 random level 50s. Nobody is having an issue with 300s in platinum.

And it gets more annoying if that 600 is an obviously hacked account.


The conversation has digressed from the actual OP.

Same as in Diamond. This isn’t something that wars should be changed for, but teams should be compensated for.


True, and I may have missed it, but I haven’t seen anyone other than Bayn say anything about 300s not belonging in Platinum. I thought it was a weird straw man to throw in there.

True, but at least in Diamond pretty much everyone has end-tier dragons, and a single 600 backer can’t take out another diamond team. You’d still have to deal with the hacked 600 base, so still annoying, but not nearly as impossible as it is for the average Platinum team without Vanguards to deal with a 600.

I don’t know that wars should be changed just because of that, but I do know it feels pretty cheap to lose to a team with 30+ people who can’t fly to save their lives, but who are all bailed out by one spender with Vanguards. It’s a bit like one adult joined a soccer game for 10 year olds just to feel big and mighty.


If you read her original post u would know I was referring to something she said :slight_smile: thanks come again.


I suppose it was the way my head was working with all these people talking about how they would “fix” wars. Out of that mindset now, idk.

Not disagreeing, but the leagues are just changing.


If you are on a team with a bunch of low level players, just change your roster to reflect those tier dragons those players are running and also keep out 2 of your best there as well for bases you encounter around your own level. Easy, Pezy.


And then you get “deal 5M damage with amarok” What a fantastic egg mission to get :woman_facepalming:


Try 19 mil with durga :scream::dizzy_face:


At least durag has invert (or reverse projectiles. I forget which and I’m tired) :laughing: Hopefully your invader base doesn’t have storm or lightning towers on the first two islands lol


Lol, those lvl 62 towers hurt :joy: