Limit number of back ups by each team member


I think the solution for this is not limiting join, but rather including assist level in calculating attacker’s level…


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Sorry but you are wrong. The game is not designed for what you are responding to. Again we are up against a team with level 500 players, where the Vanguard is backing every player. This is not a team event when one player is winning the war. It is who has the biggest player. That is not even a fun event.


This is important, not sure why it is less important then other issues with this game. The issues with higher level teams running one high level player and a bunch of low levels is not a small issue. It is a big issue. I have seen it from Sapphire to Gold, where one team is backed with a bunch of low levels backed by one high level. It seems to be worse in Platinum. One 500-600 level backing an entire team. You would think that high level would get tired of it and feel used but nope nope they continue supporting that blood sucking team.

Something really needs to be done to fix the issue. And for those being negative, give some suggestions or positive feedback. Dont trash those trying to give suggestions for improvement


Want positive feedback? Play smarter take out everyone but the big base dont even bother with it. Chances are if there are multiple smaller accounts one of them will miss the war and you will win on defenses since the other team cant wave due to needing carried by the bug account. My team is now plat 3 and we got declared on by a team with one 375 and multiple others 275 plus while are largest account is 260ish. Do we complain and cry it’s not fair they have a base we cant take? Nope we strategize and have taken out every big account they have (minus the 375) with teamwork. By doing what is being suggested it would neuter my team and any others that enjoy challenging each other to hit higher.

This isnt a war issue this is a sandbagging issue plain and simple. What should be talked about is how to limit sandbagging not limiting people backing war runs or penalizing teams that use team work to take out larger bases.


It is an issue, however, it is not a large scale issue. By that I mean it doesnt affect every single team. The solutions so far proposed would affect every single team and that is why the solution is not appropriate.

My suggestion was some form of reporting to PG and having PG deal with teams on a situational basis. If PG deems the team is acting inappropriately they can take the requisite action against that team. If PG deems their behavior appropriate, then it’s part of the game they designed and run.

Forcing a “solution” on all teams for a problem affecting some teams is not the correct action. Imho


You will, just have to put in the time.



Well, sandbagging is part of it, but certainly not all of it. Even when we’re not looking at the over-the-top scenarios of a level 600 and 49 level 1s (or whatever level it is you can join a team), it’s still a bad design.

I have some of the strongest dragons on my team, but I’m not a lot higher-level than the average player on the team (and lower than a few people). I’m not sandbagging, I’ve just been grinding tokens, and following Red’s paths. So there’s nothing wrong with me being on the team.

But even with that, it still becomes ridiculous when I can back every run. Rather than a scenario where the toughest players fight the toughest players, and the weaker players fight the weaker players, it becomes “Me vs their team.” (Or just whatever strong player we have online vs their team). It means that I don’t just get my one run - potentially with a backer as strong as I am - and then go on the defensive after killing some level 300 or whatever. It means that I do that, and then I do the run for the person attacking the 290. And the 280. And the 200. And the 150. And the 100. And so on. It means that I can fight every battle for my team, and as long as I can win, the team wins.

It becomes a scenario where teamwork is almost irrelevant. Why would, say, two people with plat dragons work hard to 5-flame a defended sapphire or garnet base, when they could simply swap immediately and let me plow through it? Why shouldn’t that level 100 attack a base he can’t even scratch - after all, I can do all the work!

See some of the issues? Even when there’s no sandbagging, the current design discourages real teamwork, or challenging yourself, and encourages you to just let your heavy-hitters do all the work on every run. It may not be a problem up in places like Diamond, where everyone may have the top dragons, and so every run is multiple equally-powerful people taking on an incredibly powerful base. Where one person can’t be a ridiculously overpowered club against most of the bases on the enemy team. But in lower leagues…yeah, it’s a serious flaw in the war mechanics.


But to me that sounds like team dynamics and laziness by some on your team.

I always back a lot of runs and have for quite sometime. I won’t back a person if they swap immediately (except for true babies on xp runs).

In war or resource runs make them fight and fight smart. There is no reason why they can’t sand / lock / vine or at least surgically remove some towers. Without that, I agree it’s not team work. In order to do that it is likely your teammates have to learn to fly hunters effectively and be willing to try.

Edit: Have them learn to always leave some tower or perch as early in the run as possible (whatever they resist or a storm if no perch) for a rage anchor for whoever is backup.

Maybe start a “bootcamp” on your team and teach the lower levels that they can (and must) contribute.

Not trying to be a jerk but maybe you need a better team.


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Thanks but I am not a newbie, nor am I a lower player. Not level 300 but wont be long lol

Edited to add my team is just fine, thank u. You are making assumptions lol


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My post wasn’t just for you but to try and ad some ideas to the conversation. Things that have worked for me. I didn’t come here to make assumptions or anything but I wanted to help you and everyone who is being mauled by this lvl 600 in what league gold? Or is that also an assumption? If so what’s the problem again? I was going to also suggest maybe finding a merc to help u guys battle past this team who seems content to stay in low league Anyway I’ll delete my posts and let u guys figure it out. Gl hf


Your post was fine except for you replied to mine so yes I was “assuming”. And the Original Poster I have no clue what league he/she is in.


My mistake I thought you were the op


Original poster was Cincinnatus, and is long gone - hasn’t posted since post 23. Others of us have chimed in as we’ve experienced the same thing. In my case in Plat 2 and Gold 1. It isn’t just one team, there are lots of bigs starting to float down to lower leagues.

I don’t see it that often, but when it happens, it sucks and it is pointless to bother to compete. I personally would like to see some sort of war overhaul - there’s lots of improvements which could be made, including something to address the annoyance the OP and others have described.


I believe the majority of us would like MORE skill and MORE strategy be required, in general. I also believe that having a couple bigs back every run also removes the necessity of skill on those attacks, and discourages skillful defending (in the face of a completely overpowering dragon).

I think that putting a limit on war backups would increase the amount of strategy required. It would take more coordination to determine attacking pairs if backup runs were limited. Having to coordinate would also likely (depending on circumstances obviously) keep the attacker vs defender levels more competitive, thereby encouraging and requiring more skill. And that’s just for teams that don’t have fairly balanced rosters, like Platinum. I would imagine that in the higher leagues where the majority of people have harbs and vanguards, this would make the better fliers truly shine, and significantly reduce the number of 250/250 wars, likely resulting in fewer ties and clearer ‘winners’.

Aside from those who rely on one or two bigs to carry them (obviously this would hurt them), I only see one downside: PG has a multitude of other shit to fix that is significantly more critical, and devoting resources to this would hinder those and potentially introduce new issues to things that otherwise function.