Limit number of back ups by each team member


There was one team, going forth and back in lower league. One of the player was stronger than the others. Being the big among the small, that one player ended up pushing his growth beyond the others, and become strong enough to help them. All other members were relying to him, and thus the team grow stronger.

Time flies, and some members grew their wings. The team rose up even higher. Some flew and others came. The team finally reached a place beyond their expectation.

Before thinking about limiting assist, I think it’s a good idea to take a step back, and define what a teamwork is. Not all teams start early, and not all teams have balanced member growth. Thus, we need the best approach to cover all possibilities.


I’m in Sapphire currently, was in Diamond before Sapphire existed, and been playing since Gold was the highest division. Yes I’ve been in leadership, yes I’ve recruited players that are higher levels, especially OUT of platinum and gold league because THEY DON’T BELONG THERE. That is the point I’m trying to make to you. Those players don’t belong in platinum, which you likely don’t either. The problem is, people make these ragtag groups of misfits and struggle through this game for no reason because the MECHANICS ARE FLAWED.

Fixing wars this way would force teams to even out their level (strength) averages, based on their division because carrying people through the game would at that point be too difficult/time consuming, making it so the bigs in lower divisions would want to move up, and the lower levels in higher divisions would no longer be viable and be forced to move down. Those who progress faster would be looked at seriously to move up, those who slack would move down. As they should.

Pro-tip, don’t argue with me, it’s an L every time.


Wars themselves arent flawed…its the league setup that’s flawed. Fix the sandbagging and guess what this issue goes away so maybe point your focus on the real issue instead of a bandaid fix that limits the way people play the game. I guess bandaid fixes is the pg way so they will probably do what you want instead of addressing the true issue.


This is a easy fix without marking a number of times you can be backed and so on make it to where players can hit 5 blow 5 above there lvl it’s a easy fix and will stop alot of high lvls from farming low lvls a 129 on a lvl 49 is uncalled for and the cap would put a stop to that as farm as Hammer spammers cut the number of hammers that can be droped each attack are cut the number of players that can defend at one time just makes more since to do that


It’s easy to say fix the sandbagging… not easy to come up with a solution.
Even if it’s something like if your over X level you have to be in X league it won’t work.
If player A is a L400 but is a long time FTP player that can’t compete in X league and no team will take him because of that then played A is screwed.
Not saying all cases are like this but some big players just can’t compete or don’t want the stress of big leagues.
Although most in lower leagues are taking a break and/or accompanying a friend.


Why put a max on levels you can hit above at 5 levels? Seems a bit arbitary and low. For players who focus on dragons and less on base the higher you go into the tiers the much higher a player can successfuly attack and destroy the base defended. Even ignoring Hau, 50+ levels isn’t unheard of.


Becouse at that time you should have you base together if you don’t still gives you a point to push to I play tons of war game that do 5 lvls and it works out no matter what you do there is always going to be that one player and you can’t keep them all out and it will help you grow seeing where your base needs work and so on when the damage becouse more then the pay out the runing above on most will not be worth it and when pay out on blow is not worth the time will make more players stay with in there own lvls of hiting


Even in war 5 lvls number the time a lvl can back if you got a high lvl can olny hit a number of times back 5 up 5 down then after that it cuts that player off if you have more players that have to hit with in them same lvls for them to do there war run then that one player can hit them all then you would have player that can’t do war so the brings in the big point of the game strategy where players have to plan there attacks and work as a team over one high lvl backing all


You suggest a fix to sandbagging but provide no avenue yourself to alleviate the problem, nor any real rebuttal to what I’m proposing. Just that wars aren’t broken, which they are, based on EVERYONE’s opinion. Go look at Red’s post where she’s just asking for questions instead of suggestions. There’s a TON of things broken related to the warring system that’s currently in place.

All you guys ever have to say is “don’t change anything” but then want changes to happen. Ridiculous.

Like I said, counter my points, or… go reply to someone else’s comments. For real.

In what way does this limitation truly hurt the game as opposed to fixing things as I’ve explained. All of your reactions are based on the wars remaining the same, and have no correlation to what I’m proposing. Stop trying to carry scrubby/new people through platinum and join a better team. Over saturation of teams is a PROBLEM. Too many chefs and not enough cooks as they say.


I haven’t really read your comments or post, but just curious why we should listen to someone who was in Diamond 3+ years ago who has a garbage base and hasn’t been very competitive as of late?


Level is not the one true way to determine league placement. Activity pattern and base and dragon strength are important, and they don’t all swim together in neat synchrony. I think limitations are more likely to drive people away than this particular type of unpleasant war.

I am all for reworking war from scratch, and have been trying to formulate cogent thoughts for red’s thread. The requirement for reliable daily play limits a lot of players - and i know we all want daily players, but not everybody’s life works that way, and if the game wants more players maybe it shouldn’t be so demanding of them. In platinum league sometimes you’d really like to keep a member who just can’t make wars every time, and the 50 person war system makes it hard to do so. This leads to account sharing or filling with more alts, which make for lower contributors and a drain on the key players running them, but superficially easier than recruiting.


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And mech for the win :joy:


What does my base have to do with anything? Or my league for that matter when we’re talking about all leagues being stagnant due to the the issues with wars?

The whole point is that nobody is really competitive with wars the way they are now. We focus on events and atlas and only really war to not drop our current league or when a team is 49/50. That’s common in Diamond/sapphire at the very least.

But nice try Mech, I know you live here in these forums and you did read what I said :joy::+1: this account is years old, and you know, level caps and a lack of knowledge passed onto me regarding base size for a long while in my formative years made my base turn out pretty long/weak. You can tell that i’m in the middle of correcting it, but the setup itself and defense makes up for the tower levels themselves. I have taken down Harb mythics with my level 45-49’s even with 2 towers under construction. Miss me with that. I also blame OCD and feeling a need to have things be even for a long time prevented me from seeing the advantages, same with my dragons, because I followed no breeding path and went full speed ahead without one and made sure to level every dragon up to expert along the way for no good reason… I mean lmao for the longest time I still kept Ballistas up to snuff just because I thought they would get around to making them balanced, which ya know, is not and never will be the case.

But I digress…

Where do you figure that I haven’t been competitive? Siege was a top 100 atlas team for a long time until we were organized against by the NMO alliance, and I’ve been working hard with the rest of my team to get back to it. I could move up and leave them, as could many people that have opted to stay here and fight back. That’s pretty competitive as far as I’m concerned. Higher leagues are not more competitive, y’all just spend more and the bigger prizes help supplement the ones without lives who have a lot more time to kill mindlessly attacking for hours to grab chests. I assume from the amount of time you spend in these forums, you fall into the latter category. Possibly both :man_shrugging: I’m not your accountant.

Doctor, you actually didn’t counter anything I said. All you keep saying is that I’m limiting the way people play the game with my suggestion, and I’m saying - DUH! That’s the actual point. That IS the suggestion. LIMIT the amount of successful assists you can give to your team in a war and you will automatically stop an entire team or half or whatever the necessary amount of garbage teammates you have to follow to finish their wars or the amount of higher level players you can double up on.

Creating a separation in war points based on this formula would lead to INTERESTING scores and require more teamwork ACROSS THE BOARD.

How is it that you think not putting limitations on bigger players is going to see any other changes (which you haven’t even come up with) be effective in this regard? Stop telling me my suggestions won’t work when they’ve never been implemented. Most of you are just afraid because your power level doesn’t match your placement and it shows :joy::man_shrugging: Point blank, defense points were my idea and I used to sit in league chat back when PG would drop in there and hammer on it. A lot. It solved the issue that was prevelent back then which were tied wars. Does no one remember that? When every war ended in a tie because there was no unbeatable base. Back when level 20 was the max tower level. And they still didn’t even implement the idea for months after the issue was brought up repeatedly. I had this exact same idea alongside of it, but they have no interest in shaking up teams because they know exactly the reactions they would get from most of you actual snowflakes.

I would be ok with having to drop or move up a league based on my personal progress being too much or too little for the current team I’m on. WOULD YOU?

The big players who don’t want to stick it out in higher leagues can still stay dropped into the lower leagues, they just can’t carry 49 other people to an easy victory. Let’s also take into account I never said anything about player level, or defense/offense, or anything. A mid-200 with the right setup can be just as effective as a mid-300. My terrible base, as mech pointed out, is a great example. Which is why my alt will eventually take over. The limited assists has nothing to do with level, and everything to do with strength.

Use your brain this time and try again. Also I like how I’m the snowflake but you guys reported my post :joy: what did Inigo Montoya say? “That word, I do not think it means, what you think it means…”

Something like that, anyways.


I never reported anything but I really dont care what you think of me. Your idea of LIMITING people from playing the game is asinine at best. One person can not win a war for their team. Prime example we got declared on by a team with 1 lvl 500 the rest were 200 or below. Guess what we did took out every base but the 500 and low and behold…we won.

There are multiple people here who disagree with you and your idea if you can even call it that yet you still say it’s what should happen. I say get the high level players out of leagues they dont belong in and this “issue” your talking about will fix itself.

Maybe pg should implement things that red has already suggested and it would be fixed. I’ll spell it out for you really slow so maybe you’ll understand.

The…issue…is…not…limiting…players…from…backing…their…teammates…the…issue…is…high…level…players…sand…bagging…in…leagues…they…shouldn’t…be…in… was that slow enough for you to understand?


Yet, your “solution” is forcing high level players into higher leagues they don’t want to be in… and that’s the best one you’ve got? Essentially limiting them :man_facepalming::joy::roll_eyes:

Do better.

Limiting assists adds depth and strategy, which most people here shun because they know they dont belong where they are. The change itself would, again, force teams to level out a little more in strength since CARRYING people would be too risky. Duh.

Also, your first paragraph included an example of sandbagging, that you supposedly overcame with a 245 flame victory, yet you’re complaining about sandbagging being the issue, knowing if that 500 backed the remaining members yet to 5 flame (or all of them - which under the current standard is an OPTION) then you would have lost 250:245. Also, please explain to me how limiting the assists on a team like that would have had any effect on your eventual outcome? Outside of that 500 for SURE not being able to steamroll your team… Like bro…

I’ll say this one more time for the people arriving late. Oversaturation of teams themselves is a factor here. So many people, just like you, are stagnating leagues with these misfit groups of people who ALL truly belong on separate teams. Half your team should be in gold. Or you know, silver, or bronze. And as people progress or stagnate they should be able to replace people doing the same in higher/lower leagues. This idea that all of you people have (and it shows HEAVY in nearly everyone’s team description) is that you’re some kind of family. Well you can be that, but be prepared for it to not work, as it already doesn’t. Most teams, including my own, suffer from some form of this. When in reality, this is a war game, and people should be in and out of revolving doors based on performance but none of you want to let go of your little buddies for long enough to keep people accountable. So many people should be benched (kicked down to lower leagues) just as the same number of people should be moving up, but you all let these relationships steer the course of the game because you’re in your feelings instead of in your toolbag :fist_right::raised_back_of_hand::microphone:


Cleaned it up for the soft of heart :joy::rofl::roll_eyes:


This is why Dread is on top, because it’s members meet the standards or they meet the boot.

Where is the lie?


Stagnating teams… you mean like a base as horrible as yours pulling down a sapphire team? Really try coming at me again with that crap but atleast polish it up first. Apparently you dont understand how recruiting works anymore so you’ll never understand. As far as my team goes during wars everyone busts their ass not just 1 or 2 of us. We fight and work well together. I would thank you to not bring my team into this as well. Say what you want about me but leave my team out of it.


For the most part, I agree. Wars are not fun. Having the outcome of the majority of wars be dependent on which team joins a defense more (not even having to be successful) is mind numbing. Putting a limit on the number of successful backups would require more strategy. This would likely result in more definitive victories/losses. This would make wars a little more fun. The point of a game is generally fun, so I think this is a win. Although my subjective opinion on what is fun may not align with the majority, so :man_shrugging:

In regards to the ragtag bands of misfits, and this change organically redistributing power throughout leagues in a more balanced way - I think that depends. Different people value different aspects of the game, and league placement isn’t really much of a motivator for many. Individual event prizes are the same from league to league, but team prizes are not improved enough as leagues increase to really matter (for most). I don’t foresee this change (if implemented) having an impact on my team, although aside from one ‘big’, my team is pretty balanced as it is (we ‘grew up’ together over the last couple years). Our big most likely wouldn’t leave for greener pastures if he couldn’t back more than say 5 attacks. I think he’d actually feel some relief, and enjoy the game that much more.