Limit number of back ups by each team member


That’s why I just recruited 3 mid-high level 300’s to my team yeah? Because I don’t understand how recruiting works?

Keep bringing up my base like that means anything lol :joy: I’ve already said all teams would have to even out. Miss me with your emotions :rofl: your team would fall apart real quick, which it should, and that’s why you’re mad :man_shrugging:


I agree with everything you said.

The changes would mostly happen for those seeking more competition, which would ultimately drive those teams to revamp their rosters. Some teams really do play this game more for the social aspect and are less driven by the rewards - which is something else that needs to be talked about and worked into this at the same time. Many issues in this game overlap one another. But either way, it wouldn’t change the way every team or person plays the game, but it would drive more competition in any case, even for the teams that choose “family” over progression.

I’d like to point out that what I suggested back in the day was “successful” defenses as well (anything under 5 flames - 4 flames giving 1 defense point, 3 flames giving 2 defense points, etc.) but you know, PG does what PG does and it doesn’t have to make sense. Why take an idea from someone at face value when you can be PG and screw it up :roll_eyes:


Theres a big difference in recruiting in sapphire and recruiting in platinum so get out of here with that garbage.


:rofl: Your snowflake is showing :cry:

Pretty sure I’ve already said this, but there’s a reason for that. Your team should disband and fill out the rosters of teams that are more your speed. It’s a population issue. Think about the real world for a minute, and how many people have to use platforms like America’s Got Talent to get ahead, or all those YouTube videos of amazingly skilled workers doing menial work. People don’t always belong where they are or end up - yet here we are.

You should find a sapphire team and leave all those level 70’s in gold where they belong.


In order to be a snowflake I have to have feelings. Gaze upon my field of ducks for it is barren. But since you insist on talking about my team instead of the topic that was posted… @moderators this post should probably be closed as it’s no longer productive.


Hmm, I’m not entirely sure it should be closed yet. Although I can’t recall how many times the OP has spoken up on the thread and it’s been a while since they were last seen…


His team is doing just fine thank you very much. You’re just full of hot air…

Agreed, this thread should be closed.


But it was just getting good :eyes::popcorn:.


I happen to agree that wars could be improved. We have been on the losing end of teams carried by 1 or 2 big players/bases a few times. It’s really kind of bullshit tbh.

We nail the other team with waves, end up smoking them on defense points until it comes down to that last base that is just way out its league. It either takes too many tries to beat it or we only ever get 2 flames on it. While that player ends up backing 10-15 crappy players.

This is one person carrying a team which just seems cheap.


I imagine there can be improvements made but there is absolutely no cause for anyone to be as rude as that guy and slamming someone’s entire team. I just have had about enough of that guy. I’m about to go from GrumpyKate to PissedTheEffOffKate… Dammit, that’s too long. :joy:


Do wars need improved yeah they do. Is limiting players abilities to help their teammates the way to go? No I really dont think so. If prizes were truly different between leagues and sub leagues that incentivized bigger players to go to higher leagues or would take care of the sand bagging issue instead of limiting players from helping each other.


If this type of limit is put in, it shouldn’t be based on level, but ordinal ranking. E.g., the top player can only hit the top 5 of the other team. Number 15 could hit/back 10-20, etc.


CrabbyKate sounds better IMO. Since there’s only one Grumpy…



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I didn’t know Grumpy when I chose my IGN. In my “looking for a team” post I was accused of being Grumpy or Obliterkate’s alt and I was so confused… :joy:



probably too much

On topic, wars aren’t my favorite thing to do but the game is called War Dragons for a reason…


Here’s some examples of bases you need to beat to win wars in Plat 2:

Plat 1 is worse, you have to get through several bases like this instead of just 1. We had to get our own big base just to keep up, which is what all Plat teams are doing now.

To have a cohesive team that coordinates waves and minimizes the opponents defense abilities, then get beaten by a single huge player who backs 10+ attacks is demoralizing.


Honestly, ConfusedKate is probably more accurate. :joy: But I better stop responding before I start getting flagged for off topic posts. Haha


How do you define top players? By their rank by Metals (not accurate) or Player level (neither means squat, the former only how active you are and the later only how much rss spent on base).

Or do you rank based on what dragons the Player has? Players who follow Red’s Dragon Check-in stringent are going to have dragon effectiveness much higher than their Player level.

This is more complicated than it appears.


By ordinal ranking I mean each team’s players are ranked from 1 to 50, and you would be able to hit within +/- some number n of your rank. So in the case of the sandbagging player at the top position, he’d only be able to abuse the top n of the other team.