Limit number of back ups by each team member


But we are right back to the point of one player shouldn’t be winning the whole battle for a team. I understand your point and don’t argue that in wars like the one you were in that lower players shouldn’t be backed, but a limit on backs or something to that effect still would limit the issues of one player winning the whole war for a team.

It would limit that other team as well as yours. If a team has that high of level of players they need to move up and not be attacking teams with 1 high level player and the rest lower level. I am not sure what the resolution would be but wars the way they are are not fun at the moment.

I am seeing way to many high level players in lower leagues and one high level player backing the entire team.

It is not that a war like that can’t be won, it is more the question of is this team play or one player carrying a whole team? Should a team be winning wars when it is not team play but one player? I mean what fun is there for the one player to back the entire team? Or better yet for the members to swap out and not even do their run but have someone else do it for them?
What are they learning?

They sure aren’t learning team participation or how to fly their dragons on defended bases. It is teaching them that someone else will do it for them.

One of the simplest things we try to teach our children, and turn around as adults and say it is ok to have someone else do it for you.


Wars are irrelevent at this point in time. Atlas atlas atlas :drooling_face::heart_eyes:


umm … not everyone has Atlas …


As Fozzie said not everyone has Atlas, nor can your team move up in ranks with Atlas, so wars are not irrelevant


So when are you guys just gonna suck it up and declare a make-up war instead of coming back everyday to complain some more about a war you did weeks and months ago that “wasn’t fair”? :thinking:
You guys state the same things over and over. I don’t see new war mechanics coming out anytime soon nor have they addressed it at all. So instead of coming back everyday, figure out how to better your team, declare make-up wars, and do what you have to do to get where you want to be.


How bout instead of berating those who want to have a conversation about it that you just don’t read it. My mother use to say if you don’t have something nice to say to someone then shut up and don’t say anything at all.


Good point!



People are missing the overall point - which is your team as a unit doesn’t deserve to be in the league they are in currently if they all rely on one guy. It’s not “teamwork” at all. It shows that many people who play this game have never been on a real team of any kind in actual life. You don’t carry people on teams. If you do, they drag you down. Them’s the facts.


I hope she used to say “If you don’t have anything nice to say, please don’t say anything at all” rather than telling her child to “shut up”. That’s certainly not nice.


Well my mother never said Shut up to us kids but as a rule would say one should shut their trap if they didn’t have something nice to say.


hmm… not that i disagree with you or disagree with the whoever you’re trying to shut his/her mouth up…

what if the truth/fact sounds not so nice? :smirk:

just got curious. :sweat_smile: no offenses to either party.


I agree and disagree with this… simply because how many teams have level 400 and 500s sleeping down in platinum and even some gold teams…

Yea… this person is gonna be packing a group of lvl 50-200 players… that’s just the way it is… so ofc they are going to get the benefits to this in every way possible, including atlas backing, wars, etc…

Personally dont really see a problem with it anymore as there just isnt enough places to put all these big players anymore… they are just trickling down into lower leagues nowadays.


And the fact that you can’t really keep higher levels from being in lower leagues as some don’t always have the time or dedication to be in the league that they “should be”.


I’m gonna need you to go back and read all of what I’ve said in this thread before you formulate an opinion based on a side comment, because what you’re describing should not be allowed, regardless of the fact that it is now. You guys keep thinking in terms of the way things are and have always been instead of even actually thinking about what these changes have the potential to do for the game.

Before I go on, please explain to me (after reading my actual suggestions - about WAR) why you think they would NOT work. I don’t care how many people on the team the 500 backs in Atlas or Events, there are enough other things happening in both of those realms that they will not significantly change the outcome of the long-term. Atlas needs it’s own fixes regarding glory scaling and team separation based on incentive, and we can get into that somewhere else. But please stay on topic.

And you. Since this is a point I’ve already dismantled. I need you to explain how you see the changes I’ve proposed would NOT work the way they were outlined. Expose my flawed thinking, but stop regurgitating what 100 other people have already said.

They can sit in those leagues all they want, but they still have to play as a team to win. Go figure.


It’s a fair point, but I’ve done war runs that didn’t count (and I was the only person attacking that base), but the defense points for the other team did.

My point is that everything PG does is subject to glitches, but that’s not necessarily a reason to not change anything.


PG promotes the ‘social’ side of the game, so I doubt that punishing backups (especially if the other team has high levels) is the way to move forward. I’ve alwsys advocated just one attempt at a base. Yes, I understand that glitches could ruin things, but they can already. Plus, it’s not up to me to tell PG what they are or are not capable of programming.


Lol I have followed this post for some time now… as I said I agree and disagree… i feel however you take too much offense to someone that doesnt just go along with YOUR opinion… so I will refrain from getting further into that… how do you propose to change where people end up placing themselves In leagues?? You cant dictate what level can be in what league it’s just not gonna happen… and yes I agree it sucks that Your or someone else’s hard working team gets plastered in a War by a bunch of low players with one untouchable player… but this is just how things will be unfortunately.
have a nice day :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


It’s not that I’m taking offense, it’s that I’m baffled by the responses that have no logic behind them.

I’ve already said there’s no need to limit player levels within leagues, so you obviously didn’t follow what I’ve said very well or you simply don’t understand somehow what I’m saying. I’m being quite clear, and using the language most commonly spoken in these forums pretty well. Quite honestly, some of these teams with a relative number of lower levels and a small concentration of bigs will still be able to get the same things that are being done now, done after the changes I’ve proposed - but it will require more teamwork and coordination instead of just running players through war runs as they appear online.

So go back and read what I’m proposing until you actually understand it before agreeing or disagreeing. THEN we can have a conversation without you implying that I’m offended. If I’m offended by anything in this thread, it’s the repeated, glaring lack of understanding and/or ignorance.

It’s basically like everyone agrees that wars are broken, but then uses the current system as an example as to why it has to be that way. It’s just asinine. So please, read what I’ve proposed, try a little harder to understand it, imagine it happening, and then explain to me how that system wouldn’t work other than saying it sucks that it’s the way it is but that it’s the way it is. :roll_eyes:


You assume they have no logic because we are not agreeing with your suggestions or opinions either… to me that is what sounds illogical and makes no sense! Your suggestions are mediocre at best and really just hinder some teams that have gained an active high level player… to be honest… your posts literally just sound like whining in respect to not being able to be as good in a war as you may think you are or that you should be from you own standards…
Sorry but my opinion still stands as I have even made the effort to go back and read your entire posts from this entire thread.
While I agree that the system is flawed, limiting backers is simply just a mechanic of the game that does not need changed. I dont believe that you should punish those that are super active and willing to help and participate as much as they would like to. Wars are all about advantage… you talk about strategy… but isnt that strategic to have a “ace” in the hole during a war?
And also from your posts you seem kinda salty! Maybe you should take a break since the game … as your quoted… is stagnate in almost every aspect and is just simply not fun anymore.
You seem very opinionated as well and seem to put a lot of thought and effort into proving your points… maybe you should try and focus your attention on aspects of the game that actually need a more immediate attention then something that doesnt.


Me recognizing the issue exists does not mean that it is currently affecting me to some extreme :joy::+1:

I’m less salty than you would think, and my team is doing just fine :wink: but that is beside the point. The point is that none of you have any solutions or have explained to me WHY mine are “mediocre.” You just want your high level player to back you so your team doesn’t fall out of whatever league you’re in and it shows :man_shrugging: