Limit number of back ups by each team member


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Quick thought Captain,
I’m thinking only wars…not limit in events or anything else.


Definitely in favor of it. The number of joins could be debated (I’d prefer a max of 3 joins, for example, to make people actually think about their tactics), but especially for the lower leagues a change like this is pretty essential. It’s REALLY common to see teams with 1-3 level 300+, and everyone else below level 100, or even below level 50.

Wars that boil down to “our highest-level player is higher than your highest-level player” are incredibly boring and stupid.


You need a merc? :eyes:


There was talk a couple months back (can’t find the thread now) about making a bronze team full of alts and one super high level and see how high they could war up. Would be a funny experiment :rofl:


Bad @Grumpybigbird Bad ha ha …:joy:


Coming from a past team where I had to do roughly 30 to 40 runs every war and sometimes more…3 or 5 wars a day

This would be a great mechanic to implement as i just flat out got fed up with people not being able to take bases their own size and just yelling for a bigger backer and doing the entire run for them…

This does happen in lower leagues for sure… 400+ sitting around with 49 lvl 25- lvl 200 members… seen it hundreds of times down in platinum…




This is an idea out of left field and not a good one at that. If your limiting how many times someone backs guess what you also have to limit how many times someone defends…for fairness that is :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Invite yourself 49 times
Create the team
Get to plat,get atlas
Get rewards from alts lvling
Be a millionaire :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
Out of jokes,I’ll try to make SS next time,when I’ll have a war in my mini team
Lots of teams literally winning wars because of one dude,lol
When I was in gold/plat we haven’t had so much hight lvls around :speak_no_evil:




Oh I respond to wrong one… either way they both funny lol


Good idea then it is all balanced out and a team might have to work as a “Team”. Although I don’t see the same people over and over doing the defending as much as I see a big player winning the whole war for their entire team.


I agree with Doc on this. Don’t make the change. If someone wants to carry a team that’s on them in my opinion. They’ll hit a point where the defense points keep them from moving up in leagues, or the high level person will get tired of doing all the runs and move teams. Doesn’t bother me that much. Plus there are tons of other balancing issues I’d prioritize over this that are more important for the game and all players. Just my thoughts.


I’m completely against this idea. Don’t step in and regulate how a team works together. Ultimately, if a team depends entirely on one person for wars they aren’t going to get much higher then mid-Platinum. Eventually that level 600 will get bored being the only backup and the team quickly gets bored of it as well. Teammates do not have fun waiting around for one player to back them to do their required war run. High level players get tired of everyone clamoring for their time and being grumpy when they can’t be online 24/7 as backup.
In my opinion this isn’t a real problem. It pretty much sorts itself out and I’d really rather not have PG regulating how teams work together.


Plus that 600 can’t get back up for xp runs, or other assists in game. He’ll be leaving at some point anyway. Spot on here @FrznWarPath


See, this strikes me as the attitude of those it doesn’t actually affect. You might as well say “Let people cheat - eventually they’ll get bored with the easy wins, and quit.” The issue is the impact on all those that they interact with.

And as for not making it higher than mid-plat…MOST teams are below mid-Plat, and situations like that are highly discouraging for lower-level players who may be joining the game.


You make a decent point here!
Also saphire and up seem more focused on atlas then main game wars… so this doesnt affect these leagues as much either since most members are already in that 300+ range


You are correct, it doesn’t really affect me anymore in Sapphire league…BUT I certainly did deal with it growing through gold and plat (and I spent a decent amount of time there). It never really bothered me for those same reasons during that time. Everyone will have different levels they care about it, though. That said, even if this change did go through I would want it to be after the other progression and balance issues are addressed. You’ll care much more about that sapphire/garnet brick wall you’re going to slam into than this, I promise. And then again at 300.