Limit number of back ups by each team member


I have in saphire but platinum was not like this.


Then what is the problem? I mean really. I’m using platinum as an example but the same changes and effects would be universal. It would be a massive shift and many teams would likely restructure to stay competitive, which would even out the leagues in general. You would see full teams of inactive and lowest levels in bronze, people are are a little more skilled/active in silver, you’d start to see those 70-100’s in gold and as those people outgrow their teams and league of their team as a whole is doing well they will be looking at platinum to join up or push out other people/teams. Every league would get more and more competitive as you go up the ladder, and any big who dropped down due to time constraints, lack of competitive drive, etc. just wouldn’t be able to carry lower levels anymore. TEAMS (look into the definition of what a team is) would do as well as they possibly could or fall short. As they are meant to.


I think your suggestion something for platinum that is simply not pheasable… that is all. And since majority of players reside in the platinum leagues…gonna say this isnt going to work.


Why start playing if we don’t even have chance to win then?
If that’s what you think, just disable backup. However, that will make “Big Contest” much worse than now.

If we want to include war aspect, let a team of many small have chance to retalliate too.

An example of this is using scoring in addition to flame (flame does affect points though).
Like Atlas, a level threshold is determined so that attacker will be penalized if (s)he attacked someone below the threshold.
However, the attacker’s level is determined by maximum level of active participant of the run.
Therefore, small players backed with ultimate giant will still be penalized if the one attacked is outside of level range.


Feasible* also the majority of players are actually in bronze and silver based on league size. The problem is that platinum teams are having to recruit bronze-gold level players to fill out rosters (which is still a possibility with my suggestions) the only difference would be that those lower level players would need to make up for their lack of strength with an uptick in activity and willingness to be a part of the team effort. They wouldn’t be able to sign in for a quick backup of a war attempt and call it a day. If the team you are facing is better and more organized, they should get the win. It is literally not rocket science and I hope you can look to other league formats and see that I’m correct in this observation.

There’s a reason for the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots of the world, and it has everything to do with competition. If you think Tom Brady is sandbagging his team to number one year in and year out, you have something to learn about what makes a team a team. Everyone needs to show up and put in the work or they risk being shipped out to a lesser team. The browns on the other hand, mostly belong where they are after so long. If you can’t escape the pits after your rookie contract is up, you deserve to be where you are. No system is entirely perfect - but this war system that is currently in place is entirely broken and needs an overhaul to promote competition.


There just simply isnt enough teams like what your are describing in the game… not every team is “dread”. I mean you really need to take a step back and look at the entire game as a whole… if the teams are as good as you say they are from the coordination then that should get them the win regardless. If the other team is using a bigger player to block the other team from beating them… then that’s playing to their advantage…

I think we will simply need to just agree to disagree as I’m not going to see things your way and you are not willing to see anything from anyone elses point of view either.


I get what you’re saying, but why should we cater to smaller players in higher leagues?

They don’t deserve the chance to retaliate, because they haven’t put in the work. The same way that someone my size doesn’t deserve to retaliate against a 500. I simply haven’t put in the “work” and I’m completely understanding of the current pay to win aspect - which is another topic I have addressed here and elsewhere. My team of a 600, a 400, and a bunch of 200’s should not be in league with a team of 300-500 level players. That. Is. The. Point.


Because your point of view is limited to the “this is how it is” which is why this game, and the world if we really take a step back - continues to be the way that it is. Dread has no real competition, because they paid/fought for that and continue to do the right things to stay where they are. They recognized early that a weak point has no place in their ranks where other teams focused on the wrong things and are where they are as a result. If any other team took the initiative in Diamond to model themselves after Dread, then maybe there would be some actual competition up there. Which if you pay attention to anything anyone from Dread says, they welcome it and wish people WOULD get out of this ridiculously small mental box.

There are plenty of players and teams, TOO MANY if you really think about it. The problem is that people are so stuck on sticking together like some kind of family that they don’t allow leagues to flourish because they want their team to be the one instead of creating an actual league-like atmosphere. You obviously don’t play sports or anything related to league/tournament style play outside of this game. Teams are stagnant on top of leagues being stagnant because of the social aspects and cult-like mentality adopted here. Which I get - fully. I was stuck in the same team for years, trying to help bring my team up but the facts I had to come back to in order to move on were that you can only help people so much as they help themselves, and if a team stays together for social purposes instead of competitive purposes - their league rating should reflect that.


First off… that is a bad example honestly…
I have seen many lvl 200s be able to beat lvl 300 bases with relative ease… and why cant the 500 take the 600?
Your dictating how hard you think a team has worked because of their level… I’ve seen teams of nothing but mid level 200s mop the floor with teams of low level 300s… maybe from no shows or better coordination or simply defense points going to the lower level team…


No… I’m not… level is a generalization and AGAIN if you’ve read what I said further up I ALREADY SAID LEVEL IS NOT INDICATIVE OF STRENGTH. Use the levels i’ve provided as an EXAMPLE of potential strength and follow along. Again, it’s not rocket science, and you continue to add nothing to this conversation.


Again… you are trying to base this argument on your opinion alone…
Not everyone is playing this game to be number 1 top diamond team… first and foremost it is a game… a leisure activity…
Show me the data where the majority of players feel the way that you do… and then you may have an actual argument.
And again I disagree with most of your sentiments in your last post but… again agree to disagree.

The only thing I see in this thread is a sad person who has nothing more to do with life then to take a game too seriously… take a step back… reflect… and re evaluate your argument… your fighting for a truly worthless and needless agenda here.
The issue at hand is no where as big as you are making it out to be… and stop trying to justify your argument by making it out like others are ignorant just because they disagree with you… if that is your only validation your argument is already defeated.


But to your point, if a lower level team is able to win off of no shows and better defense - BY ALL MEANS, they deserve to be where they are. They deserve the win. Because their activity and grit earned the win.

But again, defense points being changed also would probably cancel this too. Because this bunk idea that the amount of defenses joined instead of flames prevented was the way to go is the reason why the first team (where actual competition is enjoyed) hits 250 is usually the winner because all the team has to do at that point is join defenses - which the numbers end up heavily skewing to that first team at 250 because waves are usually needed to clear the big bases if they weren’t able to be completed at least before the other team hit 250.

I wouldn’t expect you to understand that since you haven’t seen it.


Ok but if you aren’t playing a competitive game to compete, why should your league rating not reflect that?

Do you even read what you write?


Yep I surely do…
Aand plat teams can be competitive without having to require everyone to give 110%. Its just not needed in platinum, that mentality. I see nothing wrong with having stronger members of a team help give an advantage to less active members.

There is literally no reason to keep converting with you about this… it’s only keeping this pointless thread and pointless suggestion alive longer then it needs to be :joy:!

Have a good day!

Please continue with the insults to our Intelligence though… it’s really helping to prove your point :grin:


Then don’t make it a mere “Big Contest” by limiting them forcefully.
Allow them to use whatever strategy they have, and give them risk point for using unbalanced system.
Let natural selection happens, and the strong will come up on the top.


:joy::man_shrugging: you seeing nothing wrong with sandbagging is why you shouldn’t involve yourself in conversations like this.

Your opinion is based in fallacy. A league implies competition. Your team’s league rating should be relative to your activity, strength, and competitive drive. You trying to counter those FACTS with opinion is irrelevant.

Have a good one :roll_eyes:


Exactly ocra!


Orca, this is exactly what my suggestions do. The risk system is that they can’t back everyone on their team. The risk system is stacking a low level team with a cherry on top, that cherry being the big. That is a risk that needs to be eliminated by force. The big will realize he can’t carry a team anymore and either the team will adapt with higher levels of active players, replacing the weakest ones, or the big will move on to a higher league or a team that thought a little harder about their makeup in a competitive environment.

My level 135 alt usually never hits below level 250 upwards of some 300’s. My platinum dragons and flying skill can take down kill islands of level 50 towers, my base can take down Garnets, and that account is in Sapphire 3. Regardless of these changes, I will remain an asset to that team based on my performance, activity, and constantly rising strength, and the team is not at risk

I’m saying that because I understand that level is not everything, but I should not be able to back my entire team if say I were on a platinum team with a bunch of level 100’s that were not as capable.


Still a different things from my PoV.

Consider a case between 2 teams where one has one bigs while the other one has 10 bigs, and the bigs have the same size.

By limiting backup, it’s simply becomes a contest of bigs (the one with more bigs win).
By introducing risk points, everyone has the same chance to win, depends on what strategy they use (by coordinating themselves)

Limiting backups doesn’t allow room of error, where luck is considered more than strategy, while using risk points still allow some tolerance for unpredictable things.

Then the team will simply vanish into thin air, or buried deep inside dead league. Not a good option I guess.


That’s how things should be, not seeing the problem here.

There are currently too many teams for the amount of players that actually play this game. There needs to be a consolidation of strength, and unfortunately it needs to be imposed on people because the point of the game is competition. The social aspect is great, but has clearly been an overall drawback and led us here, to this point.

You’re proposing some kind of massive game change whereas I’m simply limiting backup attempts and asking for relevancy when it comes to defense. A strong defense that stops a run should net you more defense points than simply joining and leaving the defense.

There doesn’t need to be risk points or catering to weak teams. The team with 10 stronger players should whomp a team with only one. Again, that is how competition works.

Lebron can’t beat Golden State by himself. That. Is. The. Point.

But also, a team with good teamwork can still land a W based on defense and activity which is the part that keeps being ignored. There are plenty of ways to win based on what I’ve said that won’t completely make lower level players useless, they will just need to do their part instead of being carried.