Limit number of back ups by each team member


I have tried upper leagues and didn’t like it. I play this game for fun, not as a 2nd job. Plus, I do like the social aspect of the game. I just haven’t seen that in the higher league teams I was on.


Well, it’s a little similar to dating in that respect lol

You can’t try a few guys that you weren’t compatible with and then start off sentences with “All men…” when describing them to your cats or girlfriends. You found comfort where you’re at and that’s great, but that doesn’t mean you still get to compete with other teams that play for competition. There are plenty of competitive teams that are social as well. You just didn’t find the right one - which is part of the problem of oversaturation. There’s too many teams, even in Sapphire. There are some Plat 1 teams that are FAR better than S3 and even some S2 teams, but the current system allows this stagnation to persist.

I agree with you about taking an active lower level with determination over a complacent big who is inconsistent. It IS possible to grow with people in this game, but usually it’s small pockets of people who do that and not entire teams. You just gotta recognize it and make your exit when it becomes apparent.


Should we have a poll then, to tell how many of us played for the so called social aspect?


For what? It’s irrelevant why you play the game. The fact is you’re in a league environment and your efforts and capabilities should show by way of your league rating. If you choose to be more of a social team and don’t care about competing, enjoy your garbage prizes.


Not necessarily. Ideally, the team will disband and the players will land in leagues with more comparable level of competition. There’s objectively very little substance to the argument that bigs should stay on teams of littles because people like the social aspect of the game. The game has other ways for friends to stay in touch in game - I have chats with former teammates, and often I spend more time socially chatting in there than on my TC.

I am in Platinum and have been for years (occasionally landing in Sapphire for a few weeks at a time before getting pushed back down). Wars are almost always 250/250 and decided by defenses in P1, and usually in P2 from my experience. In Platinum, where the majority or players reside, the one or two bigs carrying a whole team ‘strategy’ is very prevalent. This makes wars pretty boring for the most part. It just comes down to one or two bases on each team, and how many successful defenses can be racked up on those bases. On the rest of the bases, the majority just join to get a defense point, drop supers, and bail to catch the next one on the wave (knowing that the big backup can wipe the base without rage or effort). Without hope of winning the defense, it takes the fun out of the act of defending, and turns it into a mind numbing obligation.

In my opinion, wars are a lot more fun when the teams have more balanced levels. In THESE WARS, we actually have to be strategic about which base is attacked by which lead, and which follow will join on each base. The pair will often discuss which dragons they will use and their plan to set up the base so the follower has the best chance to finish the job. This is on top of the typical waves and such. If there were a way to force this level of strategy and the efficacy of the planning and coordination ultimately decide the outcome - wars would be my favorite part of the game. As wars are now, they are boring time sinks, staring mindlessly at the screen to try to join a defend (without usually even needing to be SUCCESSFUL). This is broken or just poorly implemented IMO. This may not be how it is in higher leagues, but I have lived it in Platinum first hand for years - this is the reality for the largest portion of the playerbase.

The end goal needs to be clearly defined before we can fully flesh out a path to get there. If people think it’s fun to watch 1 player join the majority of attacks and steamroll a whole other team, that’s a different matter altogether - but that’s not my idea of fun, balance, teamwork, strategy, or competition.

So MAYBE limiting backups isn’t the ideal solution - but I do believe it’s the best idea I’ve seen.


I don’t agree. Would you rather play on a team of friends, or just text them now and again? It’s a huge difference, and that counts for many. Forcing players to be in leagues of equally level players destroys this social aspect. In addition, why should a high level player without the time or inclination necessary to commit to the high level game be forced to play with others that do?


Nobody is suggesting anyone be forced to switch teams. If they want to stay on the team with their friends and not really ‘compete’, that’s a choice they are free to make.

Like I said - define the end goal. If you like being on a team that you carry (or one or two people carry you), and that’s your idea of fun - cool. I disagree, but I’m not here to tell you how to have fun. I am just explaining why I think wars currently suck.


I think wars suck because the benefits/rewards do not currently match up to the amount of resources, time, and effort/energy that is put into trying to win them…
Its mind numbing and the only benefit currently is league placement…
Which in turn is probably why most people are not waring as much these days… they stay in same league and reap the rewards that they are used to getting .


I personally want a balance. I don’t take the game so seriously that I need to be in a higher league, but I also don’t want to carry people because they are nice or funny. That’s why I am in high Platinum. I could very easily join a much ‘stronger’ team, but I like my teammates enough that sticking with them is worth hanging around in P1. If they fell to gold, I’d probably look elsewhere and keep a good chat going with them on the side :man_shrugging:


Just out of curiosity what lvl r u Supman


Do you consider the current state of wars fun? Serious question. We can get to some common ground, or at least understand the other’s perspective :+1:


To be honest… in saphire I dont like wars…

In platinum I loved wars… the underdog team taking out that big buff team that thought they were gonna wipe the floor with you and then they lost :joy:.

You dont get much of that anymore in saphire… everyone is so evenly matched it seems that I’m bored to death these days.



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Ok so… being 305 you could def be in about any league u wanted… and that’s a pretty high level to be in platinum wouldnt you agree…
Like you said though its your choice and you like your team mates so you continue to stay.
This seems like a social aspect to me… cause obviously the rewards would be better in higher leagues…
Just like our convi earlier though… there is probably many platinum teams that would see you as one of those big bases that they would have a very hard time beating if defended as well…
This kind if stuff is why I really dont think the limit backing would ever work cause there would need to be a higher level team mate to take out your base…
There is absolutely nothing wrong with being in plat if you wanna be, in fact it’s a lot more fun in my opinion and laid back at times… but at the same time… if your going by appropriate level and league size that red king is suggesting… wouldnt this be kinda contradictory to the previous sentiment?


Everyone being evenly matched makes it boring to you? Because you need to put in effort to win? I’m confused how competition makes competition boring.


I dont find evenly matched competition fun… it’s just a numbers game at this point, who has the best wave… will win the war in no time flat!

I like to go for the biggest teams and be the underdog taking out the lvl 500 base while working with another backer… to me that’s fun… not a 3o minute showdown of who can wave the fastest. That isnt effort… that’s 1 person saying “everyone go now”… lol


305 depending on base setup isn’t high, and really even with a good base setup isn’t necessarily high or able to join any league he wants. There are more factors at play than someone’s level.


I’m sure superman is probably harbinger dragons… that’s a bit high for the majority of platinum teams I’d assume… wouldnt you? Would surely decimate most bases he would come across in those wars anyway.
P.s I’m not calling you out Supman just using your level as an example.


That’s a P1 team. There are plenty of them that look like that and can compete.


Your opinion just gets less and less valid, and it didn’t start off too strong either. :roll_eyes: