Limit number of back ups by each team member


My base has one level 50 tower and shoots down harbs. Base setup is important, game knowledge is important, good defending is important. My base is weak compared to a lot of others my level because I built a long base in the past and have suffered because of it, so my level will always show higher than my actual base strength. My alt will be just as strong or stronger than my main about 100 levels below where my main is currently.


Yes… now lets see the rest if the roster for that team… and find me 100 teams that look like that :joy:.
Then you can justify trying to make a change that affects the majority and not the minority.
Seems your opinions are overinflated at best


Nope. I am probably only about top 66% as far as levels. Most P1 teams have at least 10-20 players bigger than me, and most have several 375 - 425. On my team, which is mostly 250-330, I am pretty ‘average’ in level - mayb top 60%. Even though I have a pretty solid base, most P1 teams have at least 1-2 people with vanguards that can sneeze and blow over my (5) level 60’s buffed by legendary gear. So as good as my base is, it counts for nothing in wars - even in Platinum. Long story short - I am nowhere near a ‘big’ for P1.


You just seriously can’t wrap your head around all the moving parts in this big picture and it shows. :roll_eyes:


We’re good - I’m not taking any of this as a call out. Just trying to understand each other - I think we’re having a good, pleasant discussion - you’re cool with me :beers:

I am in Harb, but capped at 16. A lot of P1 has harbinger Pathox or vanguards - some even have Empyreans. I’m really not very imposing on paper for P1.


You just cant accept that no one likes this idea except a handful of people :joy:
Please get over yourself and move on :joy:


I can corroborate that, I’m in a P1 team with only four or five people above 300, and none above 360, and that makes us quite vulnerable in that league as nearly every other team has a dozen 300+ bases and at least one or two 400+ ones. The main reason we manage to stay here is that some of those 400+ bases aren’t so good, and some of our ~200 players are pretty handy with Hauheset and Sylphen…


That seems like skill is how u stay there! Nothing wrong with that!!
This is what I find wrong with this idea!! Teams like yours would be penalized because you would have to be super careful to not mess up who backs who… or you would lose wars like crazy! This would be a shame cause its teams like yours that have worked your butts off for where u are at!


Oh no, our team would be fine, we have plenty of competent flyers who can back, and are organized enough to make it work.

A lot of the teams we fight would be in trouble though, we’ve had a lot of enemy teams with clueless flyers (not even low level, just hopeless) that only managed to win a war because the one or two guys with expert vanguards would back 20+ runs to get all their hopeless flyers to beat our bases. Those are extremely frustrating losses, because a team of crappy flyers with crappy bases really doesn’t deserve to win.


This is assuming that the teams that are bigger in P1 won’t start pushing weaker sapphire teams down and other teams won’t disband and leave more bigs/stronger players in the free agency pool for his team to pick up. Again. Big picture. Step back and take a look at it. There will be a ton of movement around these changes for teams that wish to compete.

You thought he was on your side about this, that’s hilarious.


Hes actually saying things that both of us have been saying this discussion! He actually listens to both aspects of a conversation…unlike yourself lol.
From my very first post I said I agreed and disagreed with you both simultaneously… you have just chosen to not see both sides of why it is good and thus equally bad. That is what’s hilarious.


So with this being said… wouldnt limiting backers make it difficult for you to actually ensure your team clears all those bases? Or say first example you went against a P1 team that had say 30 lvl 350+ on the opposing team?
Or for example say it wasnt your team… but one with equal players relative with average flying skills… would this change be beneficial to those teams?


Because your disagreement is based on non-competition. You disagree for reasons that are directly opposed to promoting competition which is the purpose of a league. Your opinion and stance of agreeing and disagreeing honestly are just baffling. You are bored by close competition? Real competitors STRIVE for such conditions. Like are you kidding me? Have you ever been in a league or competitive environment before? Because the opinions that mirror yours all sound like they have never been tested by true competition. It’s pathetic.


I’m sorry I dont find 30 minute wars to see who can have the biggest waves the fastest as competition…
I get that same excitement from the fortification event.
You must have a diff definition of fun then me :joy:


I’ll indulge you slightly regarding the above comment to @Morreion and the new structure being more challenging to his team: Would it hurt - maybe. For the sake of argument, let’s say yes. That one war would hurt. Very soon though, that team of much bigger players would likely be in a different league.

There would very likely be a state of flux while teams shuffled in the ranks and gained and lost players in the wake of a major change to war structure. That would be GREAT! And the result would likely be a more competitive environment in general. This would also spill over into events (not the backup limitations - just the added competition) - as after a while leagues would likely normalize.


Let me put it in terms you like to use… sport analogies…
Your argument is that a star basketball player cant win a game alone… however he is the star player and is gonna contribute the most to that game, assists, points, steals, turnovers etc…
Yes without a team he is nothing…

Same with War deagons… yes 50 people make a team… but what is wrong with that star flyer taking down the most bases and helping earn the most flames!

The rest of the basketball players arent Kobe!
But yet when Kobe scores more then 10 points they dont put him on the bench the entire game…he continues to score and do the most for his team… no limits!

This is my point!


You can’t directly correlate the field of play in the NBA to WarDragons.

Again, if Basketball was a team of 50 people, Kobe’s efforts would be negligible at best.

A better sport to use in comparison might be football due to team size. You’ll notice that the bigger a team gets, the harder it is for one player to make a difference, and that one player isn’t allowed to just do whatever it takes - as there are rules in place that prevent him from taking the game into his own hands. He can’t play backup to everyone on the team, he has to play his role. He can’t go out and play both sides of the ball, because he is part of a unit and has to do his job like everyone else.

Also, when Kobe was winning championships he had Shaq on the team and wasn’t throwing up 80 point games. The Kobe that scored out of necessity was on a terrible Lakers team that never won another ship. So miss me with your obvious lack of knowledge of how competition works.


Hang on just a sec, let’s start at the beginning: @xtWIStEdxWolfx - I understand you don’t war much, and that the main issue for you with war is cost/return. But when you DO war, let’s assume the war has no cost and it’s just for the sake of fun: are you happy with the current war mechanics? Do you find wars to be fun?

If yes, there you have it - your position regarding this thread is 'Leave wars alone, I like the current mechanics - just increase the payouts for winning." If you don’t find them fun and wouldn’t really enjoy them even if the return was worth the cost - what do you not like?


I get what your saying…
The fact remains there is no sport or competition that limits the score or reach of what an individual can accomplish… it’s all about the win tbh…
Same with war dragons in essence… the more bases the more flames…
Teams don’t alternate the entire roster to make sure each person gets there own personal touchdown… hole in 1… or field goal… the point is that someone made the shot!
Same with flames the points are being made and that’s all that matters…
The awesome athletes arent being harassed because they scored to many points in a game. They are praised when they rock the house. Same when 1 star flyer kicks another teams butt lol…

Best advice… other team should have drafted that star flyer before the other team did :joy::joy:


Not really, we have ~20 people flying obsidians, and most of them are pretty good with them, so they can all be backers too. We don’t have anyone with Harbinger divines. If a lot of those 350’s have solid bases and defenders, we’ll simply lose because no combination of our players can take them out. This would be fair because a team that averages 80-100 levels over us AND is equally competent should have an easy win.

If most of those 350s are trash bases with lvl 56 towers and barely geared riders, we have plenty of people that can back a run on those, and it would be no trouble at all if they were limited to backing 5 or even 3 runs.