Limit number of back ups by each team member


I’d have to disagree a little here, due to the effort required for the change. A big game rebalance could require the efforts of several of PG’s teams for a considerable amount of time, even to get to a workable preliminary. This is a change that could help a large portion of the playerbase, which could probably be done with one person, and in a fraction of the time.

As for my personal progression, I’ve cleared sapphire and I should be done with garnet (and maybe emerald, if I’m lucky) before the end of the Winter season. But that means very little when there are, at this very moment, teams in my league that have 40 players below level 100, a scattering of lvl 100-somethings, and 1-2 players with harbingers or vanguards.


It’s a good idea in principle, but would never work


The difference here is that what we’re discussing isn’t cheating.

You are wrong. I’ve played for almost 3 yrs and until several months ago I lived exclusively in Gold and Platinum. I believe I have the experience to have a valid opinion here.
I’m not disagreeing that it can be demoralizing for a team to get 250 flamed in a war they would have won if the other side didn’t have a VERY active high lvl player. I’m saying 1) with good leadership this shouldn’t be that demoralizing, 2) I consider this one of the bottom 10 hardships in this game and not significant and 3) the risk of PG messing this up to “fix” something that isn’t really broken isn’t worth it.
My point about them not progressing past mid-platinum was to say that at some point the team can’t progress on one player alone. They will get their butts handed to them, be demoralized because of it, blame the big player for not doing more and ultimately reset the whole team. When you get warred by one of these teams don’t stress it. Declare on another team you can win to balance it out and let that original team move up with the knowledge that they’re not actually succeeding like they think they will.


Superfrezze is still atainable for heaps of rubies in a secret place id rather not say in case pg fixes it


First of all, using backing adds more tactics rather than just the team with more high levels wins. second, mersinarys joining mean that the team looses flames so there is already a payoff


Thats how it works now, players can back but not contribute directly both ways


In theory this sounds nice, but the OP is so rare (if it even exists) that it doesn’t need to be fixed. Any number picked would be 100% arbitrary.


Mabe its different higher up, but in gold -plat 3, its those teams whose members are all about the same level that are lazy and dont use any strategy or planning


Having more defenders in a single run doesn’t give more defense points


For reals?


It just ups your chance of maybe keeping the base alive enough to make them go again… which can raise the number of defense points for that base.


:man_facepalming:t2: makes note to keep foot out of mouth



Also what I was saying, albeit probably poorly.

And I think at the end of the day we just disagree with priorities, which is ok :slight_smile: We won’t agree on everything. But I think your suggestion will take longer and cause more problems than you anticipate, and even if it’s quick it’s not really an issue. As in, there’s nothing mechanically wrong with backing multiple people.

Plus, what happens when you’re at the end of a war, and you need a backer for your last run but the only one who can help with your defender has already done 2 or 3? Then you’ll be pissed that you lost due to that restriction. Anyway, not much gained IMO. You can war a team without a lvl400 to make up for those occurrences, which is good training for your team, too. Rather focus on overall balance and progression to keep players in the game.

You can agree to disagree :slight_smile:


Good question. Assuming the lvl 600 doesn’t fall asleep while flying, I think is fair to say every attack will be a confirmed 5 flames. Assuming at least one of your teammates defends each of their 50 attacks, that’s 50 defense points. Now, they may be able to get a crapload of defense points if you just keep throwing yourself against that 600. I’m figuring the best you’d do is 245 flames assuming you can wipe the other 49.


But they still can back, which gives a big advantage to a team that doesn’t have that level 400 back them. Especially when the level 400 can back all the players. So not it is not how it works now they still can back. It should be if they join after they can’t participate in the war at all.


It is not that rare. Recently on a team Plat 1/2 I saw two in one week with a high a couple extremely high level players backing teams of 100 and below. I have seen it playing in Gold/Platinum quite often.


Is not trying to gain an advantage in an unconventional way not kind of iffy about cheating?


Please explain. How is having the highest level teammate back up the majority of wars runs “trying to gain advantage in an unconventional way?”


It doesn’t unless the team is all level 100 or below and the the highest level player is 400 or above and hitting a team of 250 and below. Is that not gaining an advantage?


I don’t think so. I think a player has the freedom to stay where he wants to as of now. A level 450 deciding to stay in platinum is by his choice. he’s sacrificing all the rewards he could earn from sapphire or above to stay with a team of player he likes perhaps, low in levels or high doesn’t matter. It should be the choice of the player to do that and I believe, He will be loosing a lot more than the few egg tokens he earns by winning a war and that’s his choice to do so. I don’t see a reason to limit even that in this case.