Limit number of back ups by each team member


I think a player should stay where they want as well. It is a matter of a high level player backing an entire low level team. I have always had issues with players should be hitting levels that they can attack, given within reason with aback minus/plus a few. But for someone who is way above to be back the whole team throws the entire game off. It is not even fair play for a team of 50’s to be attacking level 250 for example just because a level 400 can back them.

What are they learning here? To depend on others to win their wars. They are not learning to fly their dragons, or how to attack a base without someone doing it for them.

I think that with a limit on how many backs someone could have would make people learn to play the game and learn to fly their dragons rather then expecting they can get a high level player to do it all for them…


I think warriors don’t learn to fight in Wars. I also think in Wars you will use all the backups you can get in any form.

If players want to be better flyers, it’s still their choice and they can learn to do it at any time, for me personally during PVP event is where I push my limits to hit players 150+ levels above me sometimes.

In a war, I will use back ups despite how confident I am with my hit of 5 flaming the player, this is to ensure I don’t give them more defensive points than necessary and so we win the war.

Same goes to a team with a 450 player, if that player is determined enough to win the war and put in effort to back 49 runs, I think he should have the choice to do so. And what he gets from that is very limited compared to what he could otherwise with that amount of time spent and effort in another league, but if he makes that choice then he should be able to do so. Which is why you don’t find all the 450s in platinum, just a very selected few. :man_shrugging:

May be league based rewards and benefits be scaled to encourage high level players to be in higher leagues, but I really don’t think limiting war backups is the way to do that.


Have to think of that next time :joy: this one we lost cause of those two hackers
Or too big spenders idk cause 3M medals for 400 lvl I can’t thinknof anything else.
Sad to lose to someone without any tactic at all only pure force and dull moves, with our 100% participation l, waves and more def points. :woman_shrugging:t3: Meh… I hope they will be rolled out in that upper league.


Unfortunately while I agree with what your saying. This statement is not entirely correct…

There are a moderate amount of 300-450+ lying about from gold and all leagues of platinum… I know this by browsing hours at a time searching for recruits when I was an officer attempting to fill spots. There are more then you would think lying around.


If your lover lvl mate get killed in war and did his war run,you can swap him and loose nothing
(Talking about merc)


I disagree with OP


Why is this a reply to me? :eyes: I was just pointing out that the sentence I quoted was wrong.

What Dari said.
And last time I checked, your original teammate could also come back and do their run before the war is over and get flames for your team. So you don’t really lose any flame


Oops,idk where lover teammate came from :see_no_evil::joy_cat:


Kind of you to say, but public displays of affection make me uncomfortable.




This was about the inactive auto kick being broken if it’s the one I’m thinking of. Put together a high level and a bunch of inactive players who couldn’t be attacked. Shortly after the team’s formation the auto kick feature started working much more consistently.



Sorry, my bad. It was supposed to be to @Twitchx


The flames become for leaving the team so that means the player that hit the leaver can hit again. Makes a difference here in low levels where average flames is about 240 for a good team and less for bad teams not 250-250 every time


Ummmm…I have to agree with the majority here…NO. If high level players want to carry a team in wars that is completely thier choice and they should be able to do that. What I do disagree with is the use of mercs, which are high level players brought in to win a war when they were not part of the team when the war was declared. That should not be allowed in the game IMHO.


Are you 100% sure about this? I’m not too confident, I think I remember seeing people that left the team I was in, still showing as hit by someone instead of showing as “left team”.
It is something that I wanted to check actually, but never really could because we don’t use mercenaries and this only happened if we had to kick some alt because a new player was joining.

Anyone able to confirm what happens when someone leaves after being 5 flamed?


I disagree. Some teams have only a handful of high level players. These players help their teams win wars. At the same time they also rely on their teams to provide resources to help them grow.

This is good teamwork, and should not be punished.


If someone leaves before they are attacked in war, they give the enemy team a free 5 flames. If they leave after being five flamed there is no penalty and the person who attacked them still cannot attack another target. I don’t use mercs, but I swap out players/alts during wars by doing this and can confirm that you will not give the enemy team an advantage as long as you do it correctly.


As someone in gold who has built two teams, limiting the number of back-ups would be really hard for growing teams. I often had to back up almost everyone’s attacks in the beginning (I was not higher than everyone on the team and I was not higher than everyone we were attacking), but simply because I was still trying to find a group of very active players so most of the players were not on at the same time and I would sit on for hours as I recruited and built the team. Otherwise the half of the team that was participating would have had to go in without back up because I was the only one on to help. For established teams this could make sense, but it would be very very difficult for teams that are trying to get their feet under them.


Thanks, that’s what I thought


Problem with lower leagues is that lvls of players there are ridiculously imbalanced.
I haven’t realized how much,till I get there few moths ago
I can tell,that 3 years ago you won’t see situation like this
Of course,250 were tops
But still…
Too much bug guys hanging around there,abusing cheap PVP points and GP
If there will be more balance life there will be way easier and any team won’t need to bring in mercs.
It can look bad,at first,but I think if there was a limit for lvls in each league it will be less complicated for ppl there
Obviously,it’s absolutely crazy that majority of teams there have middle lvl 100 ish
And some of teams absolutely dominate there,having few sandbagging accounts
So,let’s imagine that you have a team with balanced roster with min lvl 150
And team .which declared on you has roster with majority of 50-70 lvls , and 2-400 s
RN you have literally no chance to win
Because even if you’ll kill all of them with 1 attempt and defend every their attack,you won’t kill those 2
So if they will bring this change with a limit of backups,those 400s won’t be able to back everyone
And more likely they won’t be able to 250 you at all
Which is what SUPPOSED to happen.
So I really can’t see how it’s bad
If they could have add some lvl balance you won’t have such an issue there at all
If gold will have a limit ,let’s say 270 lvl
Then it will be doable to take it by 2 150s.
Which is actually fair deal
I’m not insisting,just trying to share my own thoughts
I do agree that ppl who are there rn have more informative vision of situation

As a D1 player I also think that it’s a nice change,since it will make ppl actually work and don’t be lazy/abuse help from 1 person
Prevent winning wars with hackers help
I asked few ppl in several teams and they also found it a nice idea