Limit number of back ups by each team member


Two level players same level can, with skill, use boosted dragons to eliminate a bigger “threat”. With Skill need to emphasize that. This entire thing would create a huge problem for wars imo. Since no one else has said it: no it’s not a good idea. I’ve followed many people during war runs, many who didn’t even need me to do anything but felt better not running alone. Just no.


Another possible solution to teams with one immortal base and 40 low activity weaklings would be to allow teams to sacrafice like 20 defense points to instaflame a base. That way the team with the level 600 would at least have to put in some effort to win wars


Totally agree. Going out and getting ringers after war starts is total BS and PG needs to stop that from happening


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I feel like you’ve missed a big thread.


:rofl: It’s still in the top 10 most replies but will probably lose that mantle this month with all the feedback threads…


Where is it would love to read it



Ty for pointing me in the right direction


It is certainly a direction


If you’re lucky enough to hav enough a 600 in your team his there’s for a reason to help win wars and to help others I need that team so why should he be restricted for all the hard work he or she has put I need to get to lvl 600 I know if I was such player it would piss me off not to be able To help team members to the best of my abilities regards ken
Ps most players over 400-450 aren’t interested in helping that much anyway I found most to be very selfish


Lordy lordy, this thread became suddenly relevant to my interests today. Dear friends, my team is in a war with a one-man-show.

That’s right: an entire team of one dude and his 49 alts.

He’s spent the entire war swapping out alt accounts on one device and backing them up on his main. Every single attack. Some still have inner fires equipped from the last pvp. His team has shot up from 50/100 activity to 100/100 activity in the span of only a few hours.

While I don’t necessarily think that there should be a hard limit on backing, it certainly would stop these sorts of ridiculous abuses cold :joy:


That’s awesome :rofl: PM me the team name haha


Best way to get back at him will be to declare again and again as doing 50 runs per day, one for each alt is a bloody hassle :rofl:


Or ask a few teams to ganging up against such team…
Imagine 3 or 10 wars in the same day :smirk:


:joy: Just soloed his ass undefended :man_shrugging:

That base is no protection. Y’all should win the war if you war right.


Yeah, we won. Hands down.

He’s only made it to plat3 because he relies on no one being able to take down his main in such a low league. As obnoxious as “teams” like this are, WD just wouldn’t be the same without them :joy:


If someone has this much dedication and resolve to actually run an entire team, I say leave them alone. There are much more dangerous things they could be doing.


I agree. Still amusing.


I sure as heck don’t have time for that :rofl::rofl:


You meant BE an entire team right lol