Limit number of back ups by each team member


I used to think the same way. “It’s ridiculously stupid that one player can win a war!” Right? Wrong, because once you have a full active team 5 flames doesn’t win, not directly anyway, it’s about defenses and you need to do waves to minimize that. So one guy backing 49 means my team gets 50 active defenses. When we do our waves he’ll be lucky to get 20.

We win.

And let’s be honest. The scenario isn’t legit. That 600 is not going to be on that team of low levels unless they are taking a break from the game which means they won’t be active enough to do all wars. But what if it’s s Merc? Right, I’m sure every one of those other players will log in and do their war run.

It’s not broken, you just haven’t gotten to a place where it makes sense or at the least little to no difference, yet.


It does if the other team has a 600 base that you cannot possibly touch. No way to 5-flame that for the average platinum or lower-sapphire team.


Surt? :man_shrugging:


I knew someone would say that :joy:

No I don’t think Surt was a good way to solve this issue with wars :grin:


Lol why not? Buy one for $1k to kill $35k bases :man_shrugging:


Because I’m here to play a game, not to play a dollar spending race with idiots with too much money.




True, but like I said the odds of A) that level 600 that isn’t in a Diamond team being on for all 50 runs is unrealistic and so is B) the idea that all those low level players will show up for their runs. The 600 base is going to survive, but their team won’t have 250 flames. Your scenario is unrealistic in my opinion. You’re suggesting that a team of 50 active players that never miss wars and are all equally low level with a super active level 600 exists. It doesn’t and it wouldn’t work out that way.

I get the theory and understand it’s an exaggeration for the sake of an example but the fact that you need to use such an exaggeration to make the example and yet it still has holes in the logic just reinforces my belief that it’s incorrect.


True. What does happen fairly commonly in upper platinum is meeting a team with one ~450 base that’s also out of range for us and most “normal” platinum team, and 20-30 players with terrible bases and terrible dragons.

The 450 uses his vanguards to back all the level 150-200’s with sapphire dragons (20 runs or so), we three-flame his base, and we lose 250-248. Or we win 245-248 if one of the crappy players slacks off, but the first definitely happens too, and it feels like quite an undeserved win for teams like that.


Just know they’ll get their balls caved in in upper leagues. That always puts a smile on my face :blush:


This is when a merc comes in handy. Anyone need one? :eyes:


no no no.

There just so many more important things in the game to worry about. If you don’t like it then we can always join a different team or league.


So a much bigger team declares on a smaller team in your plan that smaller team may as well not even try since their big would be limited in how many they could back


It happens… A rebuild team flying right by your league or you oops and wind up in the wrong league to find pain. Could be sandbaggers, I mean wtf is a 400/500 doing in plat lol, it happens no worries. War a team you can beat to even it out.


Feel big and important, most likely.


There are a whole lot more 400/500 in Platinum and even in Gold then you know.


The point made is still valid… It doesn’t matter if they’re there or not.


The comment was in general that there are players in leagues that are way over the norm for a player backing teams of low level players. It may not matter to “you” and your point is yours just as mine or anyone else’s is theirs. I don’t think a 300 should be backing a team of level 20’s.

I think players should be attacking at their level. I see to many players going after a high level player depending on a higher level to take them and sometimes at higher then their high level players can even attack.

It teaches nothing about analyzing a base to determine if you can take it or even what dragon one should use to attack a specific base. It only teaches a low level to depend on a high level player to win their war for them.

I think that there should be limits on how many times someone can back another player to even out the playing field.


So you want other people to be tactful, but not be so yourself… Gotcha.


For the record… I was in p2 as one of the 2 strongest on my team at 170. We beat 300s with tactics. Maybe you should learn from the example.