Limited Access to Atlas


To the PG Devs I am currently on a team that has access to Atlas It is fun to play but…

  1. Teams that have had access to atlas like Dreads as an example have an unfair advantage as they know what to do, how to do it and have the ships to do as they please and thats just is what it is BUT IF YOU PREACH FAIR PLAY and youre quick to ban accounts for doing something that gives them an edge and makes fair play not possible feel free to considr your actions as also making “fair play” impossible in atlas
  2. I understand slowly including league by league the inclusion of new teams to Atlas but to stop the inclusion of teams in atlas that are lower than Sapphire 2 is also giving rise to more future issues where “fair play “ shall continue

These are just two basic factors and until you start including all teams in Atlas then your promotion is simply a pay for play (even though its not mandatory to pay to play) Pay to level your account faster to get to a higher league so you can play atlas
I would ask that your developement of the game be more inclusive and stop limiting players


You can’t pay for a higher league rank.

Teams that have been in Atlas since last year do have the advantage of time and knowledge, but that is an inevitability of the development process of Atlas. It would have been impossible to gain enough workable data and feedback if we had tested it all internally (we don’t have hundreds of testers to simulate the interactions of multiple teams doing lots of different things in Atlas each day).

I don’t believe that describing this as an offense to “fair play” is quite correct, since that term usually refers to cheating or other improper actions. I do see where the frustration comes in though for those new to Atlas. However, I don’t expect to pick up a basketball for the first time and immediately start playing in the NBA. There are always people who are more experienced and have built up much more progress in what they’ve done as a result of their experiences. One could argue the same for Atlas–in the long run, the playing field should level out if our params work out properly.

Technical reasons explain why we can’t just roll out Atlas to everyone at once.


@eggtoken I never refered to Fair Play as “cheating” I will say that in this game you can buy your way to a bigger account and if you have a team of spenders well the only limit to how fast you can rise is limited by what you can spend I know people that have spent and did just that

While the reference to testing beta DOES bear some merit ao does the blame for a lack of a level playing field when it comes to adding teams to Atlas while other teams have the advantage of having built armadas and able to claim whatever they want That leads to the availability of better prizes during beta events and even better daily bonuses And your team has done what to level that playing field? Please do not answer that cause as a player in Atlas you know, as I know, that the answer is nothing

And while your team may not roll out Atlas to everyone at once ( they couldnt even properly release the atlas in the last update but I wont harp on that) the mail that was sent ingame sounded like your team didnt even have any plans to release atlas to all of the players Just to those currently in leagues up to Sapphire 2

Lets also look at one last thing Those that have access to atlas can mine gold from the Invaders which pits them against basically a base that gives them full exp for their dragons With my play in atlas I have leveled Ferga to Expert in2 weeks Plus I earned prizes While I am appreciative of the opportunity I have many friends not on an Atlas gifted team that do not get this benefit Soooooo now that testing is done You have your feedback What is the prognosis on releasing the feature to everyone that plays ?


Ok a few months Maybe?



I’m not sure where you’re getting the idea that Atlas rollout stops at Sapphire II? We’ve always referred to adding new teams to Atlas as “this next wave” etc. so we’re still in the process adding everyone in.


Wish I wouldnt have deleted the mail that was first sent about the atlas roll out to sapphire 2 Sounded like thats where it was stopping That was probably a misinterpretation on my part and I will always admit when I am wrong
However I am not wrong on the level playing field issue Nor am I wrong on the fact that nothing was done to limit the impacts to teams that didnt get BETA / Atlas until recently Prime example is seeing a maxed out primearch on a level 200 acct and watchin others just get into atlas of higher levelhaving to hold up in the safe areas because they cant take out that level 200 player thats just a simplified example Or watching teams that had Beta roll up on a continent with a half million troops and put a smack down down lol have seen it
Anyways at least players on lower teams will get Atlas sometime next year Maybe


PG intended to roll out Atlas for all leagues up to PLATINUM (IF you are in gold, sorry you are out of luck). They said that a long time ago before the launching party. They will roll out league by league first before everyone gets in


It does state, “Please keep in mind that there’s only enough space in Atlas right now to support a certain number of teams without impacting performance.” but also mentions next wave at the end - “[…] but any teams that enter Sapphire II will not automatically be added in until our next wave of teams entering Atlas.” at the end.

Given the amount of land being added with each new wave, even the teams with ridiculous numbers of troops can’t hold onto everything; it becomes too much to manage, though it wouldn’t be hard for them to steamroll new teams “just because” :see_no_evil:.

The original announcement is here; I don’t remember if it was mentioned in-game, though.


Question for ya then (I am on a diamond team btw) what if a team is in gold and gets promoted to platinum Will they get Atlas access? Or do you have to be in a minimum of platinum when its rolled out?


Teams which later promote will be given Atlas access (maybe not at the exact moment they promote, but it shouldn’t be long after either).


Roger that and thx for the clarifications


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