Limited Black Pearls - Fortification

Anyone else feeling the lack of black pearls this fortification event? Myself and a few of my teammates have been opening quite a few gold chests only to find most don’t contain pearls (including the x10 redemption)

If PG is going to be cutting back on the pearls in chest drops at least bring them back as part of the individual achievement prizes.


I would also like more black pearls, but some people are apparently swimming in them like they are swimming in fire and ice turret shards :neutral_face:


I had a bonus chest in Feeding event which held Black Pearls, there’s no logic behind that.

See! Even Jack Sparrow is looking for them!
(Psst Jack, you’re holding your phone wrong for War Dragons game! :joy::joy::joy:)


Here all I want is clocks, sigils, and tokens. Have at my black pearls man. All yours.


All for Jack huh!? Favoritism I say!!! I know he’s awesome but… I want some too! :joy:

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Take them away from me!


I opened 40 gold chests and got 100 black pearls. I could use a higher drop rate than that.


Is this sarcastic? Would love 10 golds without 2/3 of the 3/4 legendary drops being black pearls and ice shards for once.

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Not sarcasm, I only get pearls maybe 1 out of every 40-50 chests, if that. I almost thought they stopped giving them away. I haven’t been able to level my perches for months.


Gotcha. I’d give you mine if I could, man. Guess everyone somehow doesn’t get what they want :man_facepalming:t2::joy:.

I like the idea of putting them in the individual awards during events. Then they could take them out of the gold chests.

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Drop rate is around 3% legendary and 6% epic pearls for gold chests this event. Waaaay too high. :joy:

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Why is the rum always gone?

I’ve actually been getting way too many. I think they only drop for people sitting on 10k+ (PG uses algorithms to encourage spending for micro transactions as is common with all freemium games)

I’d love to stop getting them. I have enough to max all my perches multiple times and yet half my legendary drops keep landing on black pearls.


Which account of yours is this? I feel PG is intentionally manipulating the loot boxes despite their claims otherwise…just like they do with the packs (see other thread…)

I proposed in the old forum a change to the chest claim system, whereby each chest contains two options you can choose from (sometimes both options may be the same, since ideally it should be random…).

I have more fire and ice shards I know what to do with. I no longer have enough pearls.

I’m not going to spend unless I know the odds are somewhat in my favor…

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Maybe you should save that proposition before it’s too late? Post it again here so it’s not lost :wink:

Here being a new thread in the new forum :wink:

Started the thread and saw that I actually posted about it here last November. Didn’t get a lot of steam…

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I was under the impression that I read something like that too… :grin:

These are on my biggest accounts. I didn’t open any chests this event on my others.