Limited Edition Packs Need a Review

Today I was excited to see that todays daily pack was offering ice and fire shards. These are great for merging into towers or even building additional hunter attack firepower. (Ice)

Quick Resource Check

  • 708,000 shards to build a complete shard tower
  • 145 shards to go from L1 to L2
  • 30,000 shards to go from L144 to L145

So what does the special daily pack offer I hear you ask?

This pack you can only buy it once. And you can only buy it today.

30 shards!!
Yes 30. Thirty. I’m not missing 3 zeroes on the end.


I would need to buy 5 of these packs to go from L1 tower to L2 tower ! ( but its capped at 1 pack purchase)

I would need to buy 1,000 packs to build 1 max level.

And I would need 23,000 packs to build 1 complete tower. $66,000.

Who is this pack for? Joe Bloggs who just started the game can’t use 30 shards when he needs 145 to get to a level 2 tower.

A veteran has no use for 30 shards when they need hundreds of thousands.

I think its important that the economy team understand game basics. If you make packs that have quantities that people can use then you will get sales.

Even if someone likes the dollar value per shard of this pack its not actually useable by anyone in this game.

This pack is a wasted opportunity for PG to make some money. I would actually buy a shard pack if it had useable quantities.

100,000 of fire and 100,000 ice shards in a pack for $100 I’m interested.

30 of each shard for $2.69… hell no.

When the daily pack first came out it had some good offers. I liked the 40,000 ruby one and bought a few. But lately this pack has just been a pile of trash ;-(

As a player these items have zero value to me yet they are often core staples in the daily pack :

  • XP potions
  • food packs
  • wood packs

Packs have needed a revamp FOREVER


We’ve been complaining for years about how crappy those daily packs are. Apparently they make money since PG has done nothing to make them more enticing for the the rest of us.


Revamp not the word would use to describe the packs :neutral_face: Gbill right, we have mentioned it off and on for years, but :woman_shrugging:

Thats a smoking deal only 66 k for 1 tower

Adjustments to those packs will result in more content consumption and pg is already releasing content at break neck pace……
Better packs will equal a need for even more content needed to supply the spenders something to spend on……

Which I turn creates more escalation and makes content less and less viable and we see our dragons don’t last a full season even now!
The problem is not what’s being offered pack wise it’s the endless escalation and growth as a objective here that’s the reason packs suck and have sucked for so long……

And that’s the reason they will continue to suck and as the meta moves forward they will get worse and worse as we can see! Lol
Or rather what’s being offered just looses its value because of yes the constant escalation of everything!

Packs don’t need to be reviewed the economy needs to stop being escalated by content escalation and meta escalation!
Stop the pointless growth and we might see a viable pack offered one day……

We use growth as a objective when we should be relying more on expanding content not escalation of content!

And Yes there’s a difference!
A huge difference!

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30 shards lmfao how is that even a number😂 a bronze chest can do way better than that.

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are you kidding. this is the best pack I’ve ever seen. ican jump to endgame now next fort with its help

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Would love to see content expand but unfortunately it just shrinks.

Pg could easily expand content by integrating main game events into atlas.

But instead large chunks of content shrinks and there is a preference to simply recycle and regurgitate it.

I fully agree with your thinking. Escalation of content is playerbase destructive. We don’t have enough time to consume it and enjoy it.

Many people that claim their mythic dragon at the end of the season only have 1-3 months of use before they need to retire that dragon.

The cadence of escalation for this game is extreme.

But without the generation of content I am forced to be competitive and outside of grinding packs are the only way. Its just frustrating that most of the packs are not useable to me.

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