Limited Time Branch Analysis?

Hi @Morreion I’m curious on your thoughts on the limited time branch with the archmage runes.

The 7k price tag feels a little exxy ( given it is a mythic rune and not an exotic rune like what we normally have and given that once upon a time exotic runes were 5k with a key.

Is there any data on the new stats- I assume HP and the same as normal mages ( +5% blue archmage HP and +3% red archmage ) ?

Does the RSS in this line stack up well versus other limited time lines?

Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Im passing on this unless they tell us when we’ll be able to transform/merge Archmages. Not bothering to get a glyph if transformations are 6+ months away


Imma just get the platinum chests if possible

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@ModMat apologies for duplicate thread kindly kill this one :slight_smile:

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