Limited Time Branch + Exotic Runes Discussion Thread

Please discuss your thoughts and ask questions about the Limited Time Branch and Exotic Runes here.

Link to the full announcement:

Can I have 1000000 sigils too please!

  1. Will Exotic runes be introduced in Silver chests in the near future?
  2. Not including necessary rune dust to max it?

Judging by info given, the rune dust from the line will get the rune to lvl 4
the dust required to max the rune is 10,254,000
The dust you get from the line is 5,127,000
You get half of the dust needed to max the rune.
If using just dust from the prize line, you can get the rune to level 4 (costing 4,764,000) with 363,000 rune dust to spare.
To max the rune you will (obviously) need to use 5,127,000 of your own rune dust.
Edit 2: wording and finished math

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Not really might, will. All the numbers are in the announcement post.

Yep, needed to look at the info again lol. Didn’t process clearly at first glance

Is this the only limited time branch this season?

How many sigils for the entire line?

5000 sigils

Just reread the announcement. Duh me! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Yeah that seems dumb to me too. Overall the dust economy doesn’t make any sense. You simply just cant get enough dust anywhere. There is no significant source of it other than seasonal lines, and seasonal lines never contain enough to max the runes contained in that same line.

Tiny amounts of dust in silver chests and for dusting existing runes are essentially negligible.

Not sure where they think we would get dust in order to max runes. Must think we will claim two lines in order to get enough dust to max the runes from one of the lines.

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Can you get both? If you spend 10,000 sigils? Just curious not that I’ll spend it…

Nope. It’s a tit or tat deal

The kicker is rune itself is showing 2k, might change, so 5M dust and 6k embers for 3k sigils.

What will the unequip cost be?

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Without the rune, is this a good deal for embers?

3k sigils (approx, based on the SS), averaged into 15k rubies (approx. avg 13,240.2), rounded up to 40 Gold chests (approx 34.6 gold chests)
Ember / chests during Fort = 118.57 (rounded up to 120)

Total Embers during Fort = 4,800 (after being rounded up “massively” from approx. 4,102.5)
Total Embers from the branch = 6,000.

Ember-wise, yes.


Any possibility of getting exotic glyphs in the future? And will they always be base exclusive or will we see some dragon runes/glyphs as well in the future?

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Given the scarcity of rune dust, providing only half the dust to expert this rune is an insult to players.

It’s not like we can grind rune dust.


The branch will only be available from July 31st to August 5th , throughout the duration of the Kingdom Wars event.

@Crisis So I just want to understand this right, will the branch vanish as soon as the KW event ends (meaning it is gone before event prizes go out) or will it vanish as other limited time offers/lines do when the event menu goes away 24hrs after the event ends?

Im certainly getting it since Im desperate for rune dust and cheap embers are always welcome. I dont know if I’ll level the rune though, 10M rune dust is nuts in the current dust drought. Another 5% is certainly nice but you can also level 2.5 mythic runes for that much dust

Also is there any chance we could know if we’ll get more of these limited time branches this season and if so how many? It would be great to plan accordingly