Limited Time Branch is underwhelming

Yeah look honestly a limited time branch with some legendary dragon reskins?


I buy this branch every season but this is pretty crappy. Most people that complete this branch are the big accounts and spenders.

They want something exciting and those that collect both dragons need to do the entire line.

Honestly no big account or spender flies legendary dragons. I’m a smaller fry and I don’t even bother hatching most of them.

I like the concept of reskins and I think skins and portraits are a smart way to build engagement without power creep but these should be for the cooler dragons like the mythics not stuff that people don’t fly or hatch.

The branch needs to be exciting to make us hand over our sigils so that we buy more packs.

At a minimum it should of been the discount dragon Coralie (for new players) and the two mythics. (For the seasoned veterens)

Then we have something for everyone.

It feels like the person that makes these branches is just losing track of WDs base business and they are not really appreciating the value proposition that a limited time branch provides to players.

This branch is an easy hard pass for me which then also makes me hard pass on collecting both dragons which effects your bottom line if others feel as disenfranchised as me when they see this branch.


I only majorly touched it for the rune dust and platinums, and I don’t spend :rofl:


I agree ill pick a few items in it but usually this branch is exciting and takes all my sigils :smiley:

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Same here if I wanted a petty 1 acension sigil for an overpriced 15k sigils.


PG are becoming more and more detached from their own game.
Seems like they are losing CF and GPF members which could be why this is happening.
Some fresh blood is definitely needed to help revive this game.


I just like looking at the skins. I don’t have enough sigils to get limited branches. Gotta save every bit for the Festive :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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That moth skin would of been perfect for Reyze. He does seem like a giant harmless butterfly with fairy dust :slight_smile:



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Corallae just looks like she’s literally killing herself from the inside from being so dry she looks like a raisin.


I thought it looked like a moth the second I laid eyes on too haha


Vote dash into the GPF I’ll bring good times back to war dragons. :sunglasses:


What was the point in making such branch?!!

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I second this motion

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Keeping an eye on this thread… Please continue to let us know what you’d like to see more of in a future Limited Time branch.


For me personally its nice to see a key and an accession token in this line.

I like the resources in the lines as well.

But from a player perspective I am saving sigils for draconic chests as a developer your job is to put an offer up that tempts me to hand over my sigils.

Then I need to buy a sigil pack or two to replace my sigils :slight_smile:

Win / win - I get some cool stuff I like and you get revenue.

In terms of what should be in there I suspect all players will have a different view.

Items that I personally like :-

  1. Exotic / Mythic runes / glyphs. Even though you guys probably feel like you have launched every option I reckon its ok to do duplicates ( some people would of missed earlier ones and some people have long bases and need an extra one )

If it is a duplicate perhaps offer all past ones and players can pick any of them but one only.

  1. Base skins, portraits, dragon skins for mythic dragons. These don’t cause power creep so should be popular

  2. Most big players are struggling to get sufficient bars or embers. Maybe a line with a big hit where they can choose either of these

Items I’m not a fan of :-

  1. Rider Gear ( we can make this stuff easy enough and the gate is really the shards to upgrade it not the peice of gear itself ) new players won’t get it coz they can’t level it and existing players won’t get it because they have mythic / exotic gear already.

  2. Legendary skins. I don’t hatch them. I don’t fly them. When I have a skin its to show off on a run to back up a teammate.

I’m not against having a Legendary skin as an option but I think there should be an option to pick mythic dragons as well so there is something for everyone.


i bought the line for accenssion token and eggs , decent amount :laughing:


Would u rather it not be there lol ?
Don’t get it end of story LMFAO
Some people like this dragon and would like reskin


As a catching up player I would love to see a lot of egg tokens and timers for a cheap amount because we do not have a lot of sigils to spare to get such a branch.

also can you put other options for people who does not want reskins?
Maybe draconic chests?


For me, I really enjoy seeing customisation options in these branches. They incentivise using sigils in less optimal places than you would if you were focussed solely on progression.

I’d love to see more dragon skins and other aesthetic prizes like base skins, rider skins, different primarch dragon statuettes (imagine your sieger being a Jaal statue rather than the ryuu family one) and portraits.

I’m not a fan of items that support power creep such as runes (this one is tenuous as base runes are absolutely needed to defend against the current meta’s dragons), gear and buffs.


Exotic poison striker. Not joking.

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