Limited Time Branch - Ulka Yaeger + Ascension Token


Limited Time Branches are coming! As you may have noticed, there are seven full branches this season which will each give you two Ascension Tokens. The shorter branches, the Mini Cosmic Orrery Branch and the Festive Branch will both have one Ascension Token each.

Many Dragon Lords are completionists, and we want to make sure you are to max out your ascension nodes for both Mythics, you will need two more Ascension Tokens beyond the full and short branches. What a conundrum!

We’re here to help; we will be adding one Ascension Token to two of the Limited Time Branches this season! Oh, and as a reminder for those of you doing some quick mental math, you get six Ascension Tokens back when you max out your first Mythic. The numbers check out!

Here’s the most important thing: the Limited Time Branch runs for JUST two weeks. It also has a super cool portrait called Ulka Yaeger and, of course, the Ascension Token.

Good luck out there, Dragon Lords - we can’t wait to see how powerful your Mythics become.


wish the portraits were store purchasable. :disappointed: (with a reasonable price)


I like it! Excellent new portrait, and a good way to draw spending without screwing up game balance. I won’t be getting it, since I don’t have the resources to spare, but I know several people who are drooling over it already.


Finally, a portrait I like!

To be fair to the art team there are others I have liked but wasn’t able/willing to get for various reasons.

@PGGalileo will there be lore?


Shut up and take my money!!! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:
Meant in the nicest way possible :rofl:
The animated portrait is SO AWESOME!!!

Putting my request in for a more feminine version but equally as amazing portrait.
This is 100x better than the Aurora women’s day portrait we were able to purchase.

I’m :100: on board with spending for fashion!:rofl:

Thank you PG for listening and giving us the opportunity to get some badass aesthetics. I’m so excited for more of THIS!!! :raised_hands:t2:


Also, for those who think it’s “too expensive”, you’re paying for art. The same way someone pays a “crazy” amount of money for a tattoo, painting, print, mural, or statue.

No one is forcing you to get it. It’s purely aesthetics.

I love love love this! Please keep it coming PG!!! :raised_hands:t2::heartpulse::100:


Money laundering :money_mouth_face:

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The art work is stellar, amazing!

How many sigils do we need to finish the line?

10k for all portraits .
13k if you grab the ascension coin.


For your reference.


I posted some thoughts about the value of the line in my own thread here:


Excellent portrait but I’ll pass. Only way they will ever get me to go for a premium portrait like that is if it is Chunk, Axi or Gig.

Hell, why dont yall just do a chunk portrait? You’ll basically be printing your own money. People will scramble over each other to get it… Ok, well maybe Ruru and I will be scrambling over each other to get it but it will be very comical to watch. How about a series of premium Chunk, Axi and Dodo portraits in different halloween costumes? Who doesnt want Disney Princess Chunk as a portrait? Or Axi Oakley :gun: :axi:


Tier 1 to 37 portraits, 37 poses by Chunk, for 37K Sigils (1K per node), would you go?? :thinking:


Tell me when and where
:drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

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It could be this… who knows :sweat_smile:

No, it’s for not thinking through things and being a borderline troll


Well I better start saving up lol, because i want that portrait!


1.5K Sigils to Tier 1, at least. :wink: :ok_hand:t2:


I only want it for the juicy timers and the portrait

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