Limited Time Chat - A Reminder to PGawal

About 10 months ago we‘ve seen the last post from @PGawal in the Limited Time Chat.

Some minor things have been worked on but the two top priority topics - A fix to the economy and Atlas Changes - have still not happened

  • Pearls and embers have increased. Branches rich in timers are being offered for sigils. Community proposed changes to scaling effects, chests or catch up mechanics have been largely ignored.
  • Atlas - no changes to be seen. Maybe a land shuffle will happen this year, probably not. Anyway, it won‘t change the core issues.

I don‘t want to go into detail here.
Just a small reminder that we haven‘t forgotten.
@PGawal you still seem to lurk on the forums, I (we?) would love to see you pick up the conversation again to create some long needed change for some of the crucial parts of this game - without the tiresome process of feedback that never seemed to reach or impact the people making the decisions in all the years I have played this game.


PGAwal is still taking care of his baby.

I’m 100% in support of paternity leave but it’s been like a year. :joy:

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Ups. Forgot to add /s

Oh lol

He extended his parental leave for another six months so…