Limited time chat?

Shouldn’t this be labeled “ongoing game discussion” or something similar? Limited-time gives the impression that there will be no ongoing discussion and things will go back to “business as usual” once the playerbase calms down.


Limited time to set it up? Trying to work quickly to make sure focused discussion gets rolling? Arguing semantics over naming conventions used by a WD lead to address the concerns surrounding the boycott?


Wording matters. I wasn’t trying to start anything. I am trying to get verification about why that name was chosen.

How was the 1 reply is marked as a solution?

The OP can pick what to mark as the solution; it’s sometimes just used to float PG responses to the top in a sea of replies.

And yeah, wording does seem to imply that it’s just for the boycott, despite posts otherwise. It’s a wait and see thing again.


I am more then willing to wait about the solutions but apparently I have no control over my own thread. I just wanted to know why they worded it how they did. ??

Possibly cause they started off thinking short term and it became a long term thing. Kind of like when you accidentally fall in love with a girl you planned on dating casually …

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It should have always been a long time thing.

Or when you buy a starter home with your hubby and plan on moving out in a couple of years. But he gets jailed for attempted murder. Then you gotta live there until he gets out in ten to twenty years …


Semantics matters. It tells people what state of mind other people are in. Proper semantics means the thought was well thought out. Improper semantics means that they were rushing to get a response out.

I assume this is from personal experience? :stuck_out_tongue:

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A dash of experience with a big dollop of troll. :grin:

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I am not going to give up. Someone, either a mod or PG, marked this as solved without a solution. I was asking a basic question and whatever is happening I am getting pissed.

I don’t see a solution marked

Every reply is marked as a solution, when I look at it. Maybe it’s just a glitch?

Must be. You on Android ?

Yeah, nothing works right over here.

Or maybe it’s asking you if you
want to mark the reply as a solution? :man_shrugging:t3:


Could be. Show your screenshot Turtle

I haven’t marked anything and every reply is now marked as a solution. Sam made me realize it has to be something else happening.