Limited Time Land Shuffle Plan - Official Q&A Thread

Update: Alright everyone, after calling a meeting to discuss feedback. I presented the arguments you’ve made in this thread (and others), and we settled on the following plan.

First we want to thank you for your impassioned feedback, thoughtful suggestions on tweaks and fixes, and patience as we’ve taken a long and strange journey so far regarding this shuffle.

Second, we will be taking the learnings that we have gotten via the forum, in-game survey, etc. and we will be applying those to the next version of the shuffle, which will most likely happen early next year (the team has not committed to a timeline, so this is just a guess).

Third, we will be issuing a full revert to the old map tomorrow and canceling this limited time run. One of the things we wanted to make sure to get right was fairness, and it was obvious we could not defend the position we would put certain teams in - even if only for a short amount of time. Tomorrow, in order to run the unshuffle, we will be taking Atlas down for a period of time TBD - we will send out in-game mail as a notification. Please let your teams know.

On a personal note: for those of you with clear and measured responses, know that it was your efforts that helped me to deliver clear and concise arguments and points to the team. The Atlas Team was very receptive to those arguments, and worked together to come to a decision that we thought was the most just.

We are listening to you.

We will have more information for you tomorrow regarding Atlas down time and any other tidbits we have to share.

Alright, I’m going to go for a run because I’ve been working on this for y’all for like 3 days straight :joy: - and then when I come back, I’ll put the blog post up for the Verdant Mythics.


Why can’t we just go back to the old map so you can fix this mess? @PGGalileo


Do we play with this fail map ? you guys out of mind lol ?


Just a reminder: this thread is for questions. Questions that are clearly rhetorical like “Do you want us all to quit?” will not be answered.


Ok. Why do you want us all to quit?


@PGGalileo why should I play until Friday? Is there going to be anything worth doing from now until then?


While it isn’t identical to the question example I posted, it is “like” the question example I posted. But I admire your chutzpah.


So what was your solution to the unfair placement of some teams vs others? Is this going to stand and those unfortunate teams forced to shoulder unfair troop losses, possible castle conquers, excess spending/profit for PG based on an obviously skewed system of placement?

  • Shuffle PVP Shields come down when we go back to the old map, which will take place sometime between Nov 17 - 19

Won’t pvp shields be going back up on November 18th?


What was the Survey result and why PG not fix this fail map ! Or they will before then Shields are down … tyvm :pray:

So absolutely nothing is being done to address the unequitable distribution of entries? So the teams that got screwed by your trusted engineers inability to program something that is remotely fair will just lose castles? Like I said before that you disagreed with, the answer will be thank you to the teams that are sacrificing everything they have worked so hard for so that version 2 can be better for the teams that got a good roll on our random number generator. Have you not heard the overwhelming response that the distribution is so far off it is beyond ridiculous? Can your team not even see how unreasonable this is?


A common concern is that lag will make atlas nearly unplayable similarly to how it was before where as little as two 5TAs (castle owner and enemy) could cause lag preventing hits from registering for up to an hour.

Previously PG has said they hope it will be fixed in the shuffle map. What steps if any will be taken if those planned fixes fail? How can players best report lag instances to help the atlas team figure out the root cause so it can finally be fixed?


Has anyone seen any improvements of the lag everyone has been experiencing? I have not seen anything get better since the issue was known and started being reported…

@PGGalileo ?

All they said is they think/hope it’ll get better on the shuffle map. Short of the new aligane which may not even trigger it I don’t think there has been a suitable test yet for lag.

Why was the survey not offered to everyone?


No. Lag at large attacks is impossible and that’s only if you can get there in the first place. There have even been times I’ve had issues moving from castle to castle to mine shards.

You do not have to tag me in this thread, I am reading.


Is this map design the intent for the final map? The KW feel isn’t a big visual turn on.