Limited Time Offers and Breeding Promotion - Discussion Thread

Please discuss your thoughts on the Limited Time Offers and Breeding Promotion here!

Link to the full announcement:

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Are these offers availiable 15 min after prize is unlocked, or 15 min after event page is opened up? Reason I’m asking is because it takes around 40 min to breed an empyrean mythic at the current auto breed rate, and likely that some of the prizes will be missed if it is only 15 min after prize is unlocked…

Sync issues are meaning I’m spending rubies on the offer and not getting the sigils for them. The sync doesn’t seem to return the rubies, only affects what I bought with them.

Not sure about the temporary offer thing, but it probably won’t hurt at least.

And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE :heart: the food and xp boosts! Much less grinding than I feared this weekend!


If you don’t claim it, it pops after claiming each and every single prize :expressionless:

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A bit higher than super sigil :partying_face:


15 mins after you claim the prize with one in it.

This is unintended behavior that should be fixed as of now.


Thank you for the food and xp promotions! That is so awesome!


Thank you for the reduces incubation time and the other boosts love them :heart_eyes:
I think the bonuses for breeding should be permanent, they make sense with the event.


I can’t believe the boosts are in the only event ever that I will not hatch/incubate anything because I’m <300 :pensive:

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Just pressure sales technique.

Still no worry to me I doubt I will get close to any.

Dont lose hope, maybe they’ll do it again next breeding! I myself is still 290 with harbs waiting to be cooked :grin::grin: thanks PG for the promotions :+1:t2:


This is great! I hope future events as a whole may one day have these bonus offers. I also hope that future breeding events that have this too more occasionally. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: and hoping :pray:

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Nice boosts, good initiative :ok_hand:

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I think 15 minutes is way too short of a time for a game so prone to glitches, crashes and sync errors. An hour would be better. Actually if that’s the only one for the event and more wont pop up each day then it really should just be for the whole event. I claimed that prize then left to eat dinner while my breeding castle ran without realizing it said it was only available for 15 minutes, came back and it was gone. Oh well

I would very much like to know if things like the food and wood boosts that we got last fort and during this event are only a one time thing or if we can expect to see more of them in the future. Im trying to decide what to do with the last of my sigils and it’s between collecting wood boosts from the dragon lines or collecting some extra gold chests from the base boost line. Would be really helpful to know if the individual rss boosts are being phased out or not

@Arelyna when are we gonna have a preview of summer season? :grin: @Crisis

FB stream and YTG stream today and tomorrow

Hello all,
The breeding boost promotion doesn’t work on my game, is that normal?
Also I’m getting 0 chests drops since the beginning of event while my teammates have gotten over 20+ bronze chests while doing runs. Is it just me?
I have been doing runs non stop for 6 hours now lol trying to level Whale and Cons, I should have some chests no?
I have rebooted 5 times, went from Poor to High on level of details. Still no changes. Is that normal? What can I do? Thanks so much!

For the breeding boost, i have no idea why it dosen’t work.
For the chests, usually uninstalling and reinstalling works.

Thanks I’ll try that. :slight_smile: