Limited Time Offers and Breeding Promotion - Discussion Thread

6 hours nonstop? :scream:

Lol. Yeah I’m a bit behind on my breeding and just breeded Whale and need him to lvl12 quickly. But no breeding boosts so it takes longer.

I hatched itzani at full incubation time( besides research) and support says they cant compensate me eventhough it is advertised I can hatch at 50% off incubation time ? Anythjng about this @Arelyna @Crisis


This is ridiculous and needs changing asap. It serves no purpose other than to show off pointless animations.


Love the boosts! Thanks a lot :heart_eyes: I would love to have them at Fort and Breeding at least once per season :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Can we have this next fort? :eyes:


Lusian is in incubator with completion time as 16 days. What happens if I don’t hatch Lusian within event and hatch after event. Will incubation time bump it back to original duration after event closure?

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I doubt it’ll bump back up … that would be rude.


I think it’s the same as the building time reduction from the rider: the reduction is applied at the moment you launch the construction and won’t change when you remove the rider from the perch.

in that case the reduction is applied when you incubate the egg as well I assume.

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I assume the same. In example I already had an incubating egg and it didn’t changed with this reduction.

My egg that has been incubating for weeks dropped its time left in half. You must have a glitch.

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That’s not how it works. That’s not how it works at all.

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As long as you start the incubation before event end, that will be the time it’ll take to hatch and it won’t jump back up to the 32days (if it’s started before event end). If you wait to start incubation until after event, then it will be 32 days.


What do you mean? :thinking:

Are you sure? I am skeptical since I had an egg already incubating (Alti) and his time was cut in half. Doesn’t seem to function like the research did last time I posted about incubation times.

I wish I took screenshots but I swear Alti went down to just 10 days and I had started him after I hatched Ronin last week.

Didnt work for me. Not sure if it took my rubies or not, I didnt look at my total beforehand (and it was dynamic since I was claiming prizes), but I didnt get the sigils. It re-offered to me, but at that point I wasnt sure if it would waste more rubies.


  1. bad experience for me
  2. I needed to buy sigil chests so double bad experience that this worked for some and not me.

When these things bug, they create MUCH worse player sentiment than not having them at all.

I had Jotun in the incubator with 14 days on him and he was instantly ready as soon as the event launched.

I think it’s a reasonable question to see if the reverse would happen. I highly doubt the time will be added back on, but it is best to get a straight up answer.

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That’s my understanding too but it will be better to get confirmation from PG.

On side note - I had around 4+ days left of modrian in incubator and next day morning voila it’s incubation completed.

Huh, how scary. Looking for confirmation too then.

I was speaking from what happens if you replace you construction bonus rider with a better combat stat rider after fort: your building times don’t jump up then.


Yup, plus when I completed my research for flame vents my egg that was cooking didn’t change, just the next one. This seems different. Should we pick a post and tag Arelyna or someone?