Limited Time Offers and Breeding Promotion

Greetings everyone,

We’ve got some exciting things in the works for Dragons! Read on for some updates that will be available alongside this week’s Breeding event.

Limited Time Offers

Starting today, random limited-time offers will begin to appear in-game, which will be unlockable at various progression prize tiers (different each week). The limited-time offers and the prize tier at which they are unlocked will be the same for all players. Upon completing personal or team progression prizes in events, you may be offered an exclusive series of items that cannot be found in the Store normally. These offers will only be available for 15 minutes and will disappear once that time is up.

Players will have the option to either purchase this offer immediately if they have enough rubies, go to the store to purchase more rubies, or to simply dismiss the offer if they are not interested… Regardless of the offer being purchased or denied, the offer will disappear after 15 minutes permanently until a new, random offer appears once again upon completing future personal progression prizes. Within the 15 minute window, however, players can return to their Prizes & Ranks tab within the event and access the offer by tapping on the limited-time offer logo and timer at the top of the page.

Here’s a few screenshots to explain how the offers can be seen in-game. Please note that specific amounts of items are subject to change, and these screenshots are only meant to provide a visual understanding of the functionality.

The prize tiers that have limited-time offers associated with them will have a “Special Offer” listed amongst the prizes. Tapping the “Claim and Unlock” button will trigger the limited-time offer.

When you tap the “Claim and Unlock” button, a popup will appear revealing the limited-time offer, which will give you a choice to purchase or deny the offer provided. The 15 minute timer begins as soon as the “Claim and Unlock” button is tapped. Offers can be purchased with Rubies or dismissed temporarily by tapping the “X”.

If dismissed, a limited-time offer logo and timer will appear at the top of the Prizes & Rank pages and any sub-pages. Within the 15 minute window, tapping the logo and timer will show you the offer again.

If an offer is purchased, a confirmation will appear on the screen.

Breeding Promotions

This week, Breeding is getting some limited-time promotions as well!

  • Food Boosts: Food production will increase by 3x during this week’s event.
  • Time Reduction: A 50% temporary reduction will be in effect for all incubation times and XP training costs.

These promotions will be in effect until the event ends on Monday, June 3rd. Happy Breeding!


Discuss your thoughts on these offers and promotions here!