Limited-Time Season Dragon Quests - Official Discussion Thread

Discuss the new Limited-Time Season Dragon Quests below!

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I saw this and was confused at first lol

Seems to be a step in the right direction. Increase the odds of getting chests and we will all be happy. I got an extra slot so I hope to see some good chests

@PGGalileo I’m so annoyed that these use bloody seasonal dragons. Not everyone claims dragons in a season and beyond that it super sucks to limit the quests like this. These aren’t like lineage dragons that can be gotten at any time. Instead ppl would need to spend sigils in order to complete these special quests.

I was actually happy and excited when I saw the change in prizes. Looks like a good step forward. The seasonal gate keeping is a huge negative though. :-1:t3:


How many chests do you get?

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll let folks know.


Thank you Chun-Galileo


I haven’t seen mine yet cause I stopped doing quests a few months ago

I do vaguely recall specifically mentioning food packs as one of the only prizes that would be less useful than xp potions :see_no_evil:

And did I really see a single bronze chest as a reward in that screenshot? I guess the good news is that it replaces xp potions, so we don’t really lose anything good either, but these prizes are not making the quests look any more interesting.

The potions could be said to be aimed at the lowest of low level players at least, but none of those have 5 divine dragons. I don’t really see who the target audience could be for these new quests.


10-15 bronze chests would probably be worth it. And a larger chance to see golds would be cool


So we’re back to getting quests for dragons we may not have? :man_facepalming: :woman_facepalming:

I like the idea but it really should use dragons that we have.


1 bronze chest for a 12-hour quest? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth: what a joke… you can get way more if you farm them or do attacks for a 12 hour period :joy::joy::joy:




Yep, I realised the other day that I’d completely forgotten about quests for like 2 weeks and hadnt done any :rofl:. I dont feel like I lost out on anything at all and these certainly wont draw much interest


Yep 12 hrs should be a gold chests worth cause those things are very very rare to get on a run

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I’m all for free stuff but… to put it nicely, prizes really aren’t worth the effort, and the dragon quest mechanism remains flawed. (Standard quests already have their flaws)

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I got a platinum chest as a reward on my very first season dragon quest!! I only need Calavore AND Sepulla to do the mission. :joy:


Okay that’s just P2P right their can we get a fix on these things cause it’s very redundant and unfair to those who don’t spend.

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Well you better get a wriggle on then so you can get that chest! :wink:

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