Limited-Time Season Dragon Quests - Official Discussion Thread

For a point of reference…here are the first two seasonal quests I got. Both at the same time, just now. Both offer a very disappointing reward - a small food pack? - and both require the same dragon that, and I cannot emphasize this enough, I do not have, and have not even started the branch for.


Yeah, not a fan of the new quests. I haven’t been able to do any of them and they are taking the place of the original quests. At first, I thought those were useless too but I’ve been doing them just because they are there and I was able to get Medusys to breeding level using only XP pots from the quests, so that was pretty cool. Except my breeding event was done in like 10 minutes and now I have nothing to do for a week. :joy:


Quest have been upgraded from 99% chit to 99.5% chit to see if that makes ppl give a chit.


erm. :goldchest: ?


Oppsie, BRONZE chests lol


You guys (PG) reworked the exp missions to make them worthy of spending time on.

Really like the changes and have no doubt it will be greatly improved.

Once one realizes we the players are akin to beta testers, have no problem giving constructive criticism to improve the game experience. As long as you don’t raise the cost of elite accounts.

Mmmmm, really :thinking: Finally decide to try this feature do to everyone saying they are getting various rewards, but all am getting is the damn XP potions :unamused::smiling_imp::roll_eyes: What!? Is this my punishment for ignoring the feature this whole time until now :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

erm. :goldchest: ?

Cool you can farm platinum chests now

How do you do that?

Says here :point_up_2:t2:

she has edited typo out literally hours ago yet people are still goofing around it


She edited to bronze. Was just a mistake

Lol yeah… people are so serious nowadays :rofl:

Bronze chests you say?

Well, let me quickly waste my sigils to obtain a dragon I have no intention of owning so I can get this rarest of resources


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How you make people happy with a dead canary

Received 4 of these special quests so far. It seems my account is on a rotation of Luzok (sp?) and calavore… neither of which I have. I get you may receive quest for dragons you don’t have. But if it’s random then I stand a better chance of winning the powerball than rolling Luzok, calavore, Luzok, calavore… :roll_eyes:

I’m getting them for Marav, which I do have, but still trash them. I’d rather have an XP potion in 3 hours than a bronze chest in 12h.


I guess I am not missing much from the replies here, but I have not received any quests that are different from the potions that were there previously, and I made the mistake to write to support. all I got was sorry you aren’t happy with the prizes and we will pass your feedback on😳

I can’t say if I am happy with prizes cause getting same thing I always have gotten potions😂

I am getting all XP potions with timers of 8 hours or more on them☹️