Limiting Mega Coins in Team Gaunlet PvP

There are a number of threads complaining about the negative impact of the mega coin on several events.
One of the hot topics has over 240 replies and is still ongoing.

PG has already acted on some events like Tug of War (Capture the Flag) where the mega coin was disabled 15min before the end of the round.

A change of the Mega Coin mechanic is also due for Team Gaunlet!

I’m sure many remember the time when the HP of the PvP island was the same in all leagues. PvP in higher leages was over in a matter of seconds and it was not fun at all.

Now we are back at 2-5min PvP rounds, with lag and defenders you can only hope that your attack counts before the island is gone, this is ridicoulos.

Even worse: A very common tactic is to just start a mega attack and immediately quit as you still get 50% of the points for basically doing nothing.

This shouldn’t become another rant thread about how bad the current situation is, but propose and discuss different methods of

  • limiting the abuse of Mega Coins


  • make PvP last longer without requiring more energy

, because simply buffing PvP island HP only benefits PG in the end.

So here are a few options that I brainstormed with some teammates:

  • Disable Mega Coins for PvP (only for PvE islands)
  • Reward the same personal points from Mega Coins but have it deal only 50% damage to the PvP island
  • <70% destruction: Reward players half the points from the Mega Coin but don’t reduce Island HP
  • <70% destruction: Reward players half the points from the Mega Coin only if destruction >50% (half the base)
  • <70% destruction: Reward players half the points from the Mega Coin only if destruction >35% (half the 70% success requirement)

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Please vote for one or more of your favourite options, give constructive feedback and/or propose other options.


MC is fun yeah, racing to finish the island fastest way possible, but its not fun when 5-6 players can only participate in the attacks. I think its more fun if supers are only allowed in pve island. But i cant blame opinions like im too lazy to do 5 attacks. :kissing:

And good topic to discuss @MareZ

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I vote to get rid of it completely.



While some players on my team have used this to our advantage, we have completed multiple PVP Islands I’m less time than it took for me to do one super run with 3 IF.

And yes, I hit islands well above my own level so I need all three dragons. Can’t be wasting super attacks on something I could take with one dragon.

It’s really a race to see which team will spend (or has spent) more. This is neither fun nor encouraging of smart play.

Well it is smart for the team because of the VP stolen… But it’s just another way that teams can buy their wins rather than earn them.

And while I get refunded the items, PG has no time machine, so I don’t get my time back.

**Mega Coins clearly are profitable, and I’m sure PG measures their success by both how many people use them and how much revenue they generate. **

But… Teams literally have no option. If they wish to be competitive, they have to use the mega coins. This necessity skews any metrics PG may be using.

The only real solution is for all players to not use them… And we all know that when it comes down to it, as long as its available and will snatch the win, some players will use them (and who can blame them?)

PG will not remove the Mega coin as long as it is making them money. We can all complain as much as we want… But until we speak with our money, nothing will change.


Limit mega coins per 24hr reset. Start with 2, adjust from there.

They should increase PvP island hp by 2~3 times at least, it’s way too short. Before mega coins yes it was too much but now it’s a joke or yeah remove it completely from team gauntlets. It’s so short that it’s not even fun, also main islands should spawn quicker so tough to get points

As I said:

You will just be forced to use more energy for the same prizes, that’s why I didn’t add this option to my poll.


Limit it to 1 mega coin per player per PvP island. <70% left disable all mega coins.

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To be consistent with other MC limitations in events, start with time restraints…in this event the first 30 minutes…or maybe as low as 20 minutes…should block MC usage. That gives teams enough time to either coordinate regular and super usage and still potentially give spenders a cleanup role. Obviously, they can contribute with super attacks like everyone else during the lockdown period, but if not enough are on during the first XX minutes, then they can cleanup remaining amounts. I’m not married to 20 or 30 minutes, and I realize islands can be won in less than 10 minutes with supers, so perhaps the lockdown period could scale with league…


As much as it’s fun to compete and see just how fast we can take the pvp islands down we’ve only resorted to mc to be competitive. But to be quite honest it hurts the team overall as the vast majority of the team can never get a hit in and pve islands just don’t offer the same things. So taking mc out of the equation for pvp islands would allow it to be a team event and not a 4 person event


Yes…it would…but there is zero chance that PG removes them…unless they find another revenue generating mechanism to replace it…which is equally unlikely. If the forums, social media, and team/league chats are any indicator, the MC is broadly loathed and generally used by many because they’re forced to if they want to be competitive…but sadly, this appears to be a non-issue to PG and they are far more likely to make in-event changes to appease the masses. Focusing on that which they might actually change seems a better tact.

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This is a bad idea. I understand where you’re coming from, but that puts non-spenders at an even more disadvantage. All it will do is take more mega coin attacks to remove the hp, it doesn’t remove the extreme advantage they give. Hence MareZ saying it would only benefit PG.

I think limiting the amount of megas you can do, or the hp damage it does is a good start. Limiting the amount you can use will affect some peoples personal points though and I’m sure they wouldn’t be happy about that. Remember the reason they gave for mega coin introduction was the ability to get good points in limited time because the bonus meter was too grindy.

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They would still have the option of using mc on the pve island which is still a potentially huge advantage

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I think restricting the useage in the first 20 minutes of a round would allow teams to coordinate a ton of super attacks to take down the island before MegaCoins can even be used in active league’s.

Lower league’s will still be able to use MegaCoins to get the islands complete but higher league’s will shift back to super attacks.


@PGJared this really does need looking at by PG as yes it is allowed within the rules to load a Mega attack and quit straight away
totally unsportsmanlike and i can not understand why a player should be rewarded points for doing nothing


cause he spends money. thats why in my opinion. im a fan of the MC - did about 10 this event, but i dont quit at 0% but i go for 70%+

i might be spending but i’m definetly not rich like those 0% quitters.

Our platinum (IV) team typically takes anywhere from 6-15 minutes to take down the PVP island and that’s without the use of MCs, only supers. We were beat one time in a dead heat with another team because they used a couple MC on us to win in 4 minutes (we finished 10 seconds after them).

I doubt the MC is going away, however I also doubt the mechanic is intended to be used in the “Mega quit” fashion in PVP… getting 50% points for an instant quit on Mega coin attacks, no flying just spending…

If not removed from PVP, I sincerely hope PG finds a way to discourage Mega Coin/ Quits… maybe make it 50% requirement minimum… with the new refund mechanic, this should be palletable for the mega quitters (and the rest of us) as well and restore the integrity of the PvP format.


Lol it’s worse in sap n I use coins to

And 0% don’t get u max there just burning there cash