Limiting sandbagging in league : making it much less appealing

Limiting sandbagging in league : making it much less appealing

=> scaling daily tokens per difference between global rank and power rank. Examples. A team ranked 53 sandbagging in S2 get 650 daily tokens. They would get 150 more tokens in S1 but much harder pvps and they think it’s not worth it. We can scream and yell all we want and say it’s not fair, but it IS an understandable strategy. They are just using rules as they want and can. How is it less fair than declaring war last minute while Europeans are asleep ? Or to overload primarchs to hit CG ? Or underload primarchs to make it boring to kill you ? We all use strategies to get fights we can win and have fun. Those not using any strategy of any kind in this game are just missing something in the « war » definition :sweat_smile:
However, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing : what fun is it when you can’t hit ANY base of an ennemy ? There is glory scale in atlas, but nothing in pvp. Moving up in league (especially between P4 to P1, and between S3 to S1) is not enough appealing. However, just giving bigger bonuses in higher leagues could just end up making the gap between bigs and small just deeper. That’s why i propose a scaling.

I talk about S2 because we saw this during this last pvp, but it should apply to every league.

Scale would mean : S2 = 101-175 ranks ; example of a team there who are 53 ranked in power. 1-((101-53)/101)x1.5=0.287 would be their multiplier for daily token payout : 650x0.287=187 daily tokens. (1.5 is an arbitrary multiplier value i used to increase effectiveness of this mecanism).

A team ranked 80 in S2 would be 1-((101-80)/101)x1.5=0.688 => 650x0.688=447 daily tokens

A team ranked 95 in S2 would be 1-((101-95)/101)x1.5=0.911 => 650x0.911 = 592 daily tokens

This could be an effective way to limit benefits of sandbagging in league by making it more appealing to move up in league when you are strong enough. It would also make war important again.

***However, if we do this, i also think war start should be adjusted. How is it fair to be able to declare war while all europeans are asleep ? A fix could simply be : war start move forward of 1h every pvp (from 2am EU time, would become 3am, then 4am, then etc). Having the same time every time for something key is problematic. Would be nice by the way to have the same kind of fix for end of pvp since US teams can use pvp bubbles to travel all over the map last minute of pvp to hit a castle, while European are asleep and asians at work.

***Maybe also protecting teams against being warred multiple times by the same team. Why not dropping war-base boosts for the team declaring more than once during the same week to the same team ?

Why don’t they just make the rewards increase per league actually worth it?

While they are at it, they could make war rewards actually useful. I know everyone on my team definitely NEEDS those 15 extra egg tokens for a war win :roll_eyes:


Atlas Dragons?
Farming Dragons?
Mission Dragons?
Forum Dragons?

Nobody does war. Not even in Plat 1 anymore. 2 years ago less than 10% of the teams squatting there could have survived. No waves. Close to zero defense. No backup.

Whatever we are playing, it is not WAR Dragons.


Exactly my point

Meh. Give it a few hours. It will be Sexy Dragons. For all of 19 seconds or so…

It’s kingdom war dragon right now cause the main game (atlas) is basically a giant kingdom war

Oh. You mean Wallet Dragons. Got ya. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somewhat on topic, what I read was a proposal that is good for one person and their team, leaving 100s or thousands of other players at a disadvantage. My interpretation anyway.

You’re rank 69 in S2 though.

Back on topic. I don’t think PG should force people to play in ways they dislike instead of just making it appealing to move up by using incentives instead.

Carrots, not sticks.


topic is about to lower league daily tokens for teams sandbagging in leagues. That’s a handful of teams, and they would just have to adjust their strategy to avoid that. Easy.
I don’t get your critic at all…

Moving war start times around seems arbitrary. Moving it to benefit EU players will just hurt players in other parts of the world. :man_shrugging:

I’m playing another game where it resets at 11:00 PM my time. Pretty damn annoying for anyone who has to be up in the morning. I don’t see how this is any different.

Then why wouldn’t this team just say “well screw S2, it gives next to nothing egg wise so let’s just go to S3”


Hey you know 187 tokens matter when dragons cost 520k :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


The is perfect. If you can’t beat them, join them. Sandbagers for life!
Beats the heck out of staying up 24 hours at a time defending war for oh lets see, 0.004% of ONE dragon like Glossia that will just be retired upon reaching breeding level.

We’re ranked 62 and in S2 because we got a few lost wars. We don’t intend to stay in S2.
I don’t think either “PG should force people to play in ways they dislike”, it’s just changing a parameter like they do every time they do an “update” in order to keep the game balanced. If those teams still wanna sandbag despite this, so be it. And for teams like us, we currently don’t care to loose few wars since we’ll get up easy later and get easier pvps. Point is to INCITE moving up when you’re strong enough, INCITE to actually war to get your ennemies down and stay high because malus is hard. Point is to have fun playing against closely matched teams, kick your ennemies and aim higher than where you are.

then why not just increase rewards significantly? Positive reinforcement rather than negative


Gee. Jared and his team tells me not to INCITE anything. However I’m at a loss to incent anyone these days. :slight_smile:

It’s a dangerous road to go down- to try and dictate what people find fun without changing anything about the game as it is. For a lot of people it’s not fun spending extra resources for minimal reward when they could…just not. You don’t have the right to decide that.

You missed my point. You can INCITE all this by encouraging, instead of disincentivising. It’s very PG-like to punish people for playing, instead of encouraging people to play what’s considered ‘ideal’ to play.


Also um. If you’re rank 62, why can’t you hit anyone on a rank 50-something team? This seems like either the latter team built/defends bases really well or you guys are really bad at flying. Plus, could always go back to the basics and start using Noc/Hau again, should the worst come to worst.

Maybe it’s a you problem. Hmmm.

The problem underlined by the op still makes sense: teams sandbagging makes pvp harder for other teams