Line chat about the discrepancies game has

I want everyone to come to the line chat and talk about discuss solutions and problem solve
Issues and/or vent about the game everyone is invited PG employees as well especially about the new updates

I mean after 5 years I’m finally at the point I’ve accepted they just don’t care :woman_shrugging:t2:


because folks continue to spend their rears off every event no matter how bumpy, broken, or slow.

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Nope. My account I do elite with rubies so all I pay for is atlas elite. Which I’m highly debating even renewing.

Hey blood the link above didn’t open any chat group. Instead it’s showing a page to install the app again.

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Thought this the reason for the forums, to discuss problems and possible solutions :thinking:

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With all the soft feelings people out there I figure those who want really want to express their feelings can do so without repercussions

Hmm well room chat name is war Dragons discussion

People trying since 5 years to get Pg change something, good luck with this one.

The conversation I’d like to have is these “support agents”. Y’all ain’t ready for that conversation though :joy:

Cant find the toom by link some please add me line id is TH3P3RF3CTD3MON

Me too. @AOSPONGEBOB pls post another link.
Or just add me, I’m sohom8821 .

There is the room name

Line doesn’t allow for searching by room name.

You need to either add people or share a link which can be clicked

Why would we want to join a chat which only has 3 members? How is this going to be any better than the forums?

@AOSPONGEBOB tap on the invite tab, select copy to clipboard, then paste the link here.

Umm my room on line I don’t deny people of the 1st amendment right

isn’t The Forums used for discussions,questions and even solutions why in the world do we need line

dont wnat line