Lineage Dragon Incubation Time

I had already started another post yesterday about this, and it was really wordy. I deleted it (in it’s draft mode — never posted, and never drafted either). I don’t feel like paraphrasing all of that, so I’m just going to make this very short (in comparison) and very straightforward, and I’m not holding back this time.

This marvelous idea suggested by @FieryxFury did not make the official top 10 most-voted suggestions, and I think it needs to be implemented regardless because timers are a very valuable currency in the game. They speed up progression in fortification events (their “basic” function). Despite this, most players often feel inclined to use them in breeding as well. Egad! This is mainly due to the excessively long incubation time, regardless of what type of research you’ve completed to accommodate you with that.

Personally, I have had to use a little over 50 days worth of speedups this breeding. That’s preposterous. That was just two dragons. Imagine if it’d have been four dragons. Reducing the incubation time to something similar to divine incubation would help a lot, and help players save a lot of timers for fort.


Only 50 days?
Lucky you