Lineage Dragon viability

Just a question, is Lineage Dragon still viable to use or they just heavily powercrept by the seasonal dragons? At least so far I play the Lineage dragon is somewhat just a tool to unlock the evolution for seasonal dragons.

If they are still viable at what tier they start looking good? So far I only reach garnet.

Except sapphire, vanguard mythic hunter will probably going to be the first lineage mythic hunter that you’ll find somewhat usable.

With the meta change from how well you set up a base for the follow up to finish to speed is king, old dragons that were released under old meta will just not perform as how they used to.

Honestly I used hauheset in my roster for a while, and mained apophet at one point lol. Lineage dragons prob won’t be viable except as cleanups for a very long time though. Maybe 1-2 dragons will be useful in eldritch and beyond.
Off there too if my head, eldritch had mordred which is pretty good, all the verdant ones were good/could get use, helm is good in arcanum as well. Quil is a very good dragon which is usable at tier, zahhak is good in radiant and amahruk was alright, after that your endgame and more stuff will be usable.
For 9/10 scenarios though, the season mythics will be better especially since you can grow them instead of only using them for like 2 breeding events lol

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Radiant? :thinking:

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Well it was still pretty good in radiant… But yeah it came out in Monarch.

I think quite a few tiers really had good dragons when they came out. Dragons like Ettin, Whalegnawer, Apophet, Stormheim all worked perfectly well when they were new, but they definitely can’t compete with modern divines leveled to the same tier.

But there is definitely powercreep, so if you go to a lower tier now, and compare the tier dragons to current-day divines in the same tier, they won’t impress much. It’s an unfortunate side-effect of the way the game is set up, that only the last few tiers of lineage dragons will be useful. That’s also part of the reason the aggressive discounting of lower tiers is so neccessary, and should probably be even a little more aggressive.


I can’t remember tier names don’t judge :see_no_evil:


I judge lineage dragons by their worth but hey looks like I’m wrong now due to Monarch and Radiant tier. The only good dragons are usually Invokers or hunters though Novarrion however is the closest to useable and viable sorcerer will ever get however. That and Ammak.

Yeah Hauheset doesn’t really have any use lol, sure its good but with no purpose its just another parent dragon. But yeah no good dragons until Itzani. I wish PG would give at least some attention to lower tiers so new players don’t have to grind lineage dragons for no rewards.

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For me it’s not about grind lineage dragons for no reward but… man not all of the player can play all the time, they might miss few seasonal this and there.

Returning Player or New Player will have to rely on some Lineage dragons for a period of time while aiming certain seasonal dragon. Seems like they want returning player or new player have to “whale” or bust.

With the current discounts, not exactly.

If you had said that 5 years ago, I’d have agreed. :joy:

I hated the grind to get passed sapphire and garnet for sure. Jesus.


I remember the Sapphire wall… it took forever to get out of it :see_no_evil:


And we didn’t even have the balloon mission payout upgrades either back then.

To grind for 10k+ tokens a day… jesus. If I were to have to do that again… :man_facepalming:t2:

Of course, I’ll do that again if I must. :crazy_face: Call me crazy.

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And no Mission Bonus Branch either…

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You crazy.