Lineage Dragons used in Temple Raid

The question of the viability of lineage dragons came up not just here in the forums but also in my team chat this event. So I recorded a few runs. I only have gold done, but I recorded green and platinum as well. Sadly I did not get recordings of the shrine. Next time this event runs I’ll try to remember to record it.

Note: The images at the end of the dragons in the den was recorded before the flight videos.

If others have videos of runs using lineage dragons in other tiers, please feel free to share.




This is excellent, hitting guardians with unboosted lineage dragon. Most I see/hear use rider equipped across tiers to reach 70% just like me.


Nice video. I must admit gold and platinum tier are the most difficult tiers for me, especially on fire island with all those fire flaks/turrets.

Edit: I’ll write down the list of dragons I use hoping someone find it useful.

Red: Kinnara
Purple: Arborius
Blue: Numen/Ember/Chunk/Dodo/Drude
Orange: Durga/Amarok
Green: Ettin/ Hugin/Dnazig
Gold: Whalegnawer/Consurgens/Khrysos
Platinum: Rizar
Sapphire: Apophet/Sekhem/Hauheset
Garnet: Frostbiter/Zaru (Mythic sucks so hard here lol)
Emerald: Kyrule/Deci/Stormheim
Obsidian: Noctua/Mafic
Harbinger: Lokan/Estril/Rajin


Shrine Guardian #2 (ice turrets) with lineage dragons Noss/Enki/Amarok + no rider.


Awesome flying. :grin:

Got my green run edited and posted. I’ll get a better preview picture added for it soon.

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Destar is the OG for Harbinger!

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